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    PokerPlayers Needed

    Poker Players needed to play for the Rams!

    Ok, my 1st hobbie will always be the Rams, but my 2nd hobbie is playing Holdem Poker.

    This site has a chance to win Superbowl tickets and you play for your NFL team(Rams) each week,top 9 earn points(week one Rams fan did beat Panther fans so were are 1-0).

    Then there will be a playoff, then winner gets the SB Tickets! But at the same time during each week you can win free cash .

    To play in week 2 you need to register before 12noon , but if you don't you can still register for week 3 and the rest of the season.

    You will find me pretty easy, same name as here on poker table, PostalRam

    All you have to do is First down load the Poker Site , after you create an account (Free) of course they will ask you to deposit some cash but you don't have too. They have both cash table and playmoney table. Eitherway the NFL promo is free

    After you have the pokersite downloaded and an accout then register your team THE RAMS! using the link below

    www absolutepoker com/promos/touchdown

    IF you decided to join the fun and be part of the team, send me an Email so I know who you are at the tables

    Or you have any question


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    Re: PokerPlayers Needed

    Sounds awesome...will have to get it set up after work today.

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    Re: PokerPlayers Needed

    Let me give you alittle update:

    Ram fans beat the Panther fans in week 1 to a score 32-13, I miss the first game, but there was about 30 players, only top 9(final table) make points- 1st place 9pts, 9th place gets 1pts. Though I think the Ram fans outnumber the panther fans in that poker tournament.

    By scoring 32 points that puts the Rams 5th overall!!!!!

    But this week will be a test, cause the 9er fans beat the Card fans by a score 34-11, putting them 2nd overall.

    So I think this tournament will have close to or even more then 50players , so it will be harder to make the final table to make points, plus the free cash that the poker site offers for playing.

    So the more Ram fans we can get in the better chance we can out last the 9er fans and bring a win for week 2.

    But you don't have to play every week, just get register to be on the Ram team, and if they make the playoffs you can always play... I work on Saturdays so I will miss a few games, but if they make to far, I might have to used a vacation day or a cough:cough: sick day

    But I am off this Saturday so I will do my best to beat down those 9er fans, lol

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