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    The Royals are the Yankees' Daddy!

    Ok, first off, I'm a Cards fan, but in the world of baseball few things could be sweeter than seeing ESPN's Deified Franchise, the Yankees get swept by the worst team in baseball, the lowly Royals. I loved it. The Yankees spend more on their bullpen catcher than the entire Royals roster and yet they get swept. I love it. May my redbirds do as well.
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    Re: The Royals are the Yankees' Daddy!

    I Am From N.y. And Yes The Yankees Are A Big Joke,george Hasnt Learned That Having The Biggest Payroll Doesnt Always Get You The Free Pass To The World Series And Trading For Clemens Is Not Going To Make A Difference.

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    Re: The Royals are the Yankees' Daddy!

    I am a Cards fan also. I am also loving it that the Skankees (I mean Yankees) got swept by the worst team in Baseball. It's great that a team that has had a rough year, and go out and beat the team that has the best players, but doesn't show it. That is baseball right there, anything can happen, anywhere it will happen, gotta love baseball when the Yankees lose.

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    Re: The Royals are the Yankees' Daddy!

    I'm a Twins fan and we took 2 or 3 from the Yanks for the first time in who knows how long, that was nice. I'm glad to see them struggling, they have been horrendously mismanaged at all levels.


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