This is the home page for the browser on our multimedia PC at church. When I opened IE to check ClanRam while waiting for the Music Director to call me back, I saw a RAMS uniform. That's right; about the middle of this page (scroll down for smaller resolutions) there is an image of KW reaching for a football (either just tossed, shotgun snap, or just fumbled ). It is a link to a page that you can order NIV Bibles with different sport theme covers.

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Today's sports fans are zealously devoted to their favorite teams and players—and now you can reach them right where they are! Along with easy-to-read NIV text, Path to Victory presents favorite Bible verses and life lessons from world-famous athletes along with relevant insights on developing a godly character on and off the field. There are also helpful reading and study tools for those new to God's Word.
Basketball | Football | Baseball | Motor racing
Winter sports | Women's sports | Multi-sports | Golf
352 pages. Dimensions: (5-1/4" x 8" x 3/8")"