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    LaRamsFanLongTime Guest

    The Ultimate fighter

    Gabe Ruediger did not make weight and was unable to show his skills on the show. Gabe has trained with my brother John at Millenia Jiu-Jitsu for years and is tough as they come. He has an existing UFC contract and is now training with Dan henderson of team Quest(my brother moved to Australia 2 years ago). Watch out for him trust me he will be a dominate force in the UFC lightweight division. Dan Henderson is a holder of two belts right now in pride and might be the best pound for pound fighter in all MMA. With his help Gabe should be knocking out people for along time to come.

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    Re: The Ultimate fighter

    Maybe he ought to go up a weight class if he's having this much trouble hitting 155. It seems like some of the guys from previous seasons of TUF had some success moving up or down to a more natural weight. Hope to see him fight again soon.

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    Big-Dave314 Guest

    Re: The Ultimate fighter

    i watched that last night and it seemed like gabe wasn't trying his best to cut weight he could of made it but he was being straight up lazy and not working hard or listening to the advice of his trainers or team i'm glad he was kicked off because he didn't deserve to be there

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    Re: The Ultimate fighter

    Gabe has a big problem now. Dana White is not happy with Gabe and getting to fight in the UFC is in Dana's hands. Gabe's future in the UFC looks bleak right now.

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    LaRamsFanLongTime Guest

    Re: The Ultimate fighter

    I agree with the way he was treated and what happened. 2 days before a weigh in that you know you might be a part of and you are eating Cake? Sure enough he got called in and could not do it. His team stood behind him and really tried to push him yet he just kind of gave up it seemed. I was upset as a fan for sure. The one thing about Dana White is he loves making money. All the TUF fans were pissed off at him and now want to see him get beat up. Its for this reason I think Dana will bring him in after the show is over. Seriously think of the HYPE he will take a TUF team Penn fighter and build it up as revenge. Gabe was a WEC champion and really has some skills.Those skills being polished by Dan Henderson could lead to Gabe being one of the best fighters at 155. People make mistakes and trust me Gabe learned from his.

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    Brain Daddy Guest

    Re: The Ultimate fighter

    Maybe it was just the editing, but he came off as a real grassmole (or rather a word that rhymes). Everything he did seemed geared towards getting as much TV time as possible and taking the easiest way out.

    If he really is a nice guy (since I don't know him personally), he certainly didn't show it.

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    LaRamsFanLongTime Guest

    Re: The Ultimate fighter

    What alot of people dont know and cant know is that he and Matt Wiman have been beefing for years. Wiman came off as quiet and soft while Gabe was the a-hole that was making waves. Plain and simple Wiman has been backing down for awhile now he knows gabe would kill him.There has been behind the scenes crap between the 2 long before the show. Gabe is a joker and likes to screw with people it just so happens that some of those he talked crap to have no sence of humor. He had an interview a couple nights ago on the radio that shed alot light on things. The cake was not 2 days before the weigh in it was 2 weeks before the weigh in. If you remember too the first person to talk **** to Gabe was Cory hill. Gabe said nothing to him accept anytime. Gabe was the most experienced person on that show in the ring and they are all glad he is gone.

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