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  • The Steroid issue

    8 40.00%
  • Too many late-night playoff games

    2 10.00%
  • The "haves and have-nots" problem

    3 15.00%
  • Too much player movement

    1 5.00%
  • Labor strife

    0 0%
  • Its just boring

    6 30.00%
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    rawkhrdr Guest

    Re: Why MLB isn't what it was

    I actually think that homers are boring. I like to watch baseball for what it was supposed to be. A game of many small intricacies. Small Ball is much more fun to watch than a muscle bound man hit a ball a long way. There is no drama in that. There is no skill in that. All you have to do to hit homers is muscle up and put as much power into it as you can. To hit a drag bunt to the thrid base side in order to move the guy from 2nd to third. That takes skill, you actually have to be able to place the ball somewhere. To perfect the suicide squeeze, to flare a line drive into the gap to get the critical double and RBI that your team needs. Well, those are play that take skill. Hitting a HR is all about muscle...and with steriods as rampant as they are, well anyone can do that. Give me a guy like Ichiro Suzuki...the king of the infield single that makes routine outs look like an adventure anyday over a guy like Pujols or Bonds.

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    Re: Why MLB isn't what it was

    I wish the MLB people made rules so there could be tackling in baseball, it would be more interesting

    like if someone hits the ball, the first baseman would try to tackle the hitter and then the pitcher would have to get to first base to get the ball from the outfielders to get them out. that would be so much cooler

    heres an example: im using cardinals

    Chris Carpender throws a fast ball, the person at bat hits the ball, Albert Pujols startings heading to the hitter, OMG!! Pujols tackles the hitter, Chris Carpender runs to first base, So Taguchi picks up the ball throws it to Carpender, the hitter is OUT!! The hitter is still on the ground!! Pujols tackle must have done damage!! Albert Pujols gave the hitter a BROKEN arm!!!

    Now that would be AWESOME!!
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    Re: Why MLB isn't what it was

    Quote Originally Posted by rawkhrdr
    I am really not interested in baseball because, well. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Every year you know which teams are going to compete and you know which teams are going to suck...and they rarely ever change. It's like the Devil Rays, Orioles, Royals, Reds, Indians, etc... are major league farms teams for the big boy (Yankees, Red Sox, et al) they just buy the talent from them. Then the smaller teams fans have to watch that player that they cultivated into the best player in the game beat the snot out of them because their team couldn't afford to pay an outrageous price and can't afford to have a 300 million dollar payroll. It pisses me off. Baseball used to be my favorite sport. I remember watching my first game at the old Kingdome in 1985, it was awesome, nothing like it. Now, well, I can barely stand it.
    I don't think I could agree with you anymore. Baseball isn't what it use to be. I am a die-hard Cardinals fan, always have been. But the flare of Baseball that use to be burn in me is gone, now, I think. I ask myself why all the time, I mean, how could this possibly happen, as we have arguably the best player in the game today, Albert Pujols, an excellent Ace in Chris Carpenter, and the up and coming Anthony Reyes.

    The only 'poor' team that you could say has improved are the Detroit Tigers, with the best record in the league. They have really been surprising me so far this season. Another thing that has gotten to the point of too much distinguishing about is steroids. There is just too much talk about it now in days, and the league has gotten too far involved in the Player Enhancing Drugs. I do agree, they change the game drastically, but it's sad to see where Baseball is heading now in days.

    I am sorry if some of my spelling and grammar was a little off the mark, I'm a bit sleepy (maybe too sleepy, lol) to type tonight.
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