Now, football is my favorite sport and the Rams are my favorite team, but my most hated team of any sport...and I mean as deep a hatred as you can think of- are those freakin' Boston Red Sox. Every time the Yankees lose to them, I feel like we just lost the World Series. I really do feel incredibly bummed. The Yanks just won 1-0 at Fenway- so I am a happy camper. Of course it was a nailbitter and now I must go have some Ketel & Clubs to bring down my stress level.

BTW, here are my most hated teams:

MLB- Red Sox

NHL- Flyers

NBA- Don't care, but didn't want the Celtics to win

NFL- Now, for years, it was always the Whiners, but them being bad for so long has taken a lot of the luster away from it. I really have learned to hate the Cardinals- but it's mostly their fans- who were no where to be found for years and now talk crap like it's going out of style. Honorable mentions go to the Seahawks and of course, the Patriots.