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    The end of the BoSH

    As some may have noticed, there have not been any new chapters of the BoSH in several weeks, and I haven't written any this year.

    After doing this since 2001, I finally ran out of ideas. My many guest writers did a great job of keeping it going for a while but, alas, the time has come to close the Book.

    To those who have read and enjoyed the BoSH over the past few seasons, I thank you for your interest and support. Its been fun.

    So, if I may, I'd like to close out the Book by reprising a passage from the final chapter of the first year. This is the part of the book I'm most proud of, and it applies to today as much as it did then (maybe more so):

    In Golden Age of SpiralHorns
    Many a hero shall be born
    Some emerge from tasks so great
    Others merely pawns of fate

    But glory's more than moment's act
    Its a path we travel, bound by a pact
    Our common goal is our true end
    Its that which binds us all as friends

    We'll join again in days to come
    We'll lift our heads and and fight as one
    And one day when we all are old
    Our spirits will recall this age of gold
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    Re: The end of the BoSH

    Alas, I shall miss the tales of the SpiralHorns. Perhaps the BoSH shall be resurrected again in the future, and the glory of the battles once again spoken of, the warriors once again glorified for their courage. It is known that a storyteller may lose his voice, but another may rise in his shadow to relate to others the honors of the battles that will one day become legend.

    Avenger, on a personal note: Thank you for your work. I enjoyed every chapter you and the others wrote.


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    Re: The end of the BoSH

    no!!! this cant be!!!
    well thx AV for all the great stories!
    too bad it has to end now


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