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    What is the Book of SpiralHorns?

    I have been a Ram fan for over 25 years. I have also been, for as long a period, a fan of the epic adventures, both classic (The Illiad, The Oddyssey) and modern (The Lord of the Rings), and Greek, Roman and Norse mythology.

    Prior to the 2001 season I (somewhat on a lark), decided to combine the two into a narrative tracking the Rams' season as if it were the story of an epic battle. The posts (on another board that I was formerly a regular on) were weekly and, being well received, I continued them throughout the season, ending with a final chapter after the Super Bowl.

    At the start of the 2002 season, I began the Book of SpiralHorns II: Destiny's Redemption. Unfortunately, I was embroiled in a dispute with the Admins of the other forum during the season, and the BoSH was left uncompleted.

    Upon joining ClanRam, I resumed the book with an offseason chapter ("In the Turmoil of the Calm") appearing here and one on the other forum ("The Great Days of the Choosing").

    Ultimately, my relationship with the other forum ended and the Book of SpiralHorns is now going to exclusively be on this forum.

    The plotline is simple. The Legion of SpiralHorns battle for the ultimate prize of supremecy with the Armies of the Many Lands. AvengerRam, also known as the Bard and Seer of the Legion, acts as a prophet and spiritual guide of the Legion. His travels have now brought him to the outlands of the SpiralHorn Homeland where he has found a group known as the Clan of SpiralHorns. He joins the Clan as the SpiralHorns are on the brink of new conflict...

    The rest, has yet to be written.

    Bard of the SpiralHorns
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