1. There is a lot of talk today about what will happen with O.J. Atogwe. In my opinion, he's a player who should be retained, but not at all costs. If the Rams do let him go, however, it MUST be with some compensation.

2. I don't think we'll hear much about Marc Bulger's status for a while, as I doubt the Rams will make any moves for a starting QB in the near future.

3. The restricted free agency system is unfair to teams with bad records. If the Saints want to sign a player with a second round tender, they only have to give up the 64th pick in the draft. To get the same player, the Rams would have to give up the 33rd pick. I think the system should be that the signing team should have to give up their highest pick (assuming they have one at least in the next round) following the old team's pick in the tender level round. For example, if the Rams sign a player (with a Round 2 tender) from a team with the 60th pick, the compensation should be the Rams' next highest pick (the 65th pick), even though its in the third round.

4. One RFA I'd consider giving up a pick for is Richard Marshall (CB, Carolina). He has a round 2 price tag. I wouldn't give the 33rd pick, but if a sign and trade deal for pick #65 could be worked out, I'd consider it.

5. I sure hope some team comes forward and makes an offer for Alex Barron, but I'm not expecting it to happen.

6. I'm glad that Victor Adeyanju worked his way out of the doghouse and has been tendered. That said, could another team give up a Round 4 pick for him? I'd say its possible.

7. For all the draft choice failures, Clifton Ryan is a success story. For a former late round pick to get a Round 2 tender, there must be some recognition of his progress. I, for one, am glad we have that guy on the roster.

8. I find it interesting when people argue that a bad team can't sign good players. While that may be true of older guys looking for their last shot at the Super Bowl, I think in most cases it comes down to money, location, and connections with the coaching staff.

9. While I previously stated my top UFA target is Karlos Dansby, from a positional standpoint, DE may be the best place to start in the FA market.
The Rams need an established pass rusher, and there are a few on the market.

10. Aside from Julius Peppers, I'm not sure that any real "A list" players will change teams this year.