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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana

    nice value pick at the same time because the rams really needed some depth at the DE position...

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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana

    Quote Originally Posted by bruce4life
    nice value pick at the same time because the rams really needed some depth at the DE position...
    Yeah, alot more than we needed Manueveringmyselfoutthedoor!

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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana

    Just listened to his press conference and he sounds like the real deal. Just listen to it and you will know what I mean. Really like this pick.

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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana

    Wow! This guy is such a awesome guy!!! I can't wait to see him next season! I'm scared of him

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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana

    We're definitely up there in the top 10 best draft this year
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana

    I think it was the best actually!

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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, India

    From NFL Draft Countdown:
    Has excellent size and the frame to get even bigger...A tremendous natural athlete...Speed and quickness are outstanding...Has good range and pursues well...Has a great motor...Puts in his time in the weight room...A hard worker with top intangibles who wants to be the best...Tough and durable with four-years of starting experience...Still has a ton of upside and his best football is still to come.

    Still very raw and needs some development...Needs to work on his technique and will play too high at times...Must develop additional pass rush moves...Could do a better job against the run...Might be a bit of a workout warrior...Was not super productive throughout his career...Needs to bulk up and put on some weight.

    Spent much of his childhood living in Nigeria...Has all the physical tools you look for but is just a little rough around the edges...Could become a top pro defensive end with the right coaching...You could see a team fall in love with his potential.
    Change of Direction

    Quickness off Ball
    Techniques and Moves

    Athletic, high-motor defensive lineman with high upside. Needs to develop more moves at the NFL level to disengage from blockers. Needs to continue development, but explosive and should be a starter before long in the NFL.
    Pros: He combines a strong frame with good up-field speed to be a playmaker from the outside. He looks the part, both from an athletic standpoint and mental aptitude. He plays with a high level of intensity and Consistent effort on the field. He has the functional strength and agility to be a good up-field attacker with the speed to close on the passer.

    Cons: His production in big games has left something to be desired and leaves scouts with several critical questions. He fails to stay alive at the point of attack at times when big tackles engulf him and wash him out of the play. As a pass rusher, he needs to develop more rush moves and improve his ability to counter and redirect to the inside when his initial move is contained.

    Numbers: As a senior, he recorded 47 tackles with 12 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks. At the Combine, he recorded a 4.90 electronic time in the 40-yard dash, a 32-inch vertical jump, 9-foot-4 broad jump and did 22 reps in the 225-pound bench press.
    POSITIVES: Athletic defensive lineman with tremendous upside potential. Fast off the edge, quickly changes direction and makes plays to the flanks. Holds his ground against blocks and gets push up the field. Plays with good pad level, flashes explosion and nicely redirects to the action. Fights hard to make positive plays.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks great first-step quickness. Must develop more moves as he gets wired in blocks with marginal opponents. Slow locating the ball and lacks top instincts.

    ANALYSIS: A high-motor defender consistent the past four seasons, Adeyanju is a naturally gifted prospect who could be starting in the NFL by his second season.

    PROJECTION: Late Second Round
    Adeyanju has all the athletic tools to be very productive in all areas, but he is pretty much a one-dimensional player who makes nearly all his plays against the run. He has the height, long arms and frame that are ideal for a defensive end -- while he only weighs approximately 275 pounds, he will eventually bulk up to 280-285 pounds. He has the natural flexibility to bend his knees, sink his hips and take on run blocks with leverage -- he gets good arm extension, holds his ground, strings out the outside run, sheds and makes tackles. When he is left unblocked, or blocked by a tight end/running back on the backside, he consistently contains the backside play and then runs fast down the line of scrimmage to make plays in backside pursuit. His biggest problem is that for a defensive end, he is not a pass rush threat -- he lacks a burst off the ball to threaten the corner, does not attack the offensive linemen and has no real pass rush moves. If he does not improve his get-off and pass rush technique, he will not be able to defeat NFL offensive tackles to pressure the quarterback. He is probably going to be drafted higher than he should be because he is going to workout great in post-season workouts; especially his 40-time. He is not going to become the explosive pass rushing defensive end that his 40-time indicates he should be, but in a season or two, he will be a good starting strongside defensive end who is very good against the run, but will not make any real impact as a pass rusher. His athleticism and ability to cover running backs in tight man-to-man give him a chance to convert to linebacker if someone wanted to try him at that, but they should try to develop him into a Reynaldo Wynn-type strongside defensive end who can be very good vs. the run and gets some occasional pressure on the quarterback through sheer effort and determination.

    Strong Points
    Adeyanju is a very good athlete with the quick feet and playing speed to consistently chase down ball carriers. He shows smartness maintaining backside responsibility on runs away -- he checks for cut-backs or trick plays before bursting down the line of scrimmage. When he gets close to the ball/quarterback, he has an explosive closing burst to finish plays. He shows good instincts and athleticism sniffing out screen passes -- he gets outside quickly to disrupt the pass. He is smooth dropping off the ball in short-area zone coverage and really looks very good "peeling" off his pass rush to cover the running back out of the backfield in tight man-to-man.

    Despite his natural athleticism, Adeyanju is not explosive off the ball and can't get around the corner despite having very good playing speed -- his lack of anticipation of the snap really hinders him. He has no real pass rush moves and struggles to get pressure on the quarterback when he has to defeat an offensive lineman to do so. He does not rush the passer aggressively -- he has no punch and attacking style which limits his ability to get a push as a power rusher. If he is going to survive playing defensive end in the NFL, he is going to need to get better at getting off the ball quickly at the snap.

    Athletic Ability
    Adeyanju is a very good athlete and his athleticism is what enables him to be a productive college defensive end. He has very quick feet and has shown the ability to accelerate to full speed fast and has the playing speed to chase plays down in pursuit. His quick feet also show up in his ability to burst off blocks and close on the quarterback/ball quickly to make the hit/tackle. His combination of very quick feet, very good agility and balance help him to change directions very quickly -- he can "Peel" off his pass rush, change directions and turn and run with the running back down the field in man-to-man coverage. He has the natural flexibility to play with leverage vs. the offensive tackle's run blocks -- he can sink his hips, get his hands on the offensive tackle quickly, hold his ground, shed his block and make the tackle.

    Adeyanju has shown toughness fighting through pain to stay in the starting lineup despite not always playing with an aggressive, attacking style. He has shown the ability to step up and make the big play vs. the run, but does not consistently pressure the quarterback on important pass plays. His overall production is inconsistent -- especially as a pass rusher. He does not burst off the ball to threaten the corner as a speed rusher and has no real pass rush moves, so if he has to defeat an offensive tackle, he rarely pressures the quarterback. He gives a good effort vs. the run and does a good job of making play on runs at him and on runs away -- he is also good at maintaining backside contain and then chasing down plays in pursuit. He is a competitive team player -- while he does not play aggressively, he does give a good effort and consistently will hustle and chase after ball carriers in pursuit.

    Mental Alertness
    Adeyanju shows smartness when it comes to maintaing backside contain responsibility and using good technique vs. run blocks, but it's a concern that he does not have any real pass rush moves. Once the ball is snapped, he shows good instincts and reacts to the play consistently quick. The trouble is that he does not burst off the ball -- he often is a beat late which points to questionable instincts/anticipation. Despite not exploding off the ball, he does maintain good contcentration which enables him to consistently hustle and compete hard on every snap.

    Adeyanju is a little lighter than ideal, but at over 270 pounds and with his height and frame, he has the ideal build to play defensive end. He has been a pretty durable player at Indiana and with his athleticism, natural strength and competitiveness, he can be a durable NFL player. His explosiveness is tough to fairly define because he is not explosive off the ball and can't threaten the corner as a speed rusher, but once the play starts he has a burst off blocks and an explosive closing burst to the ball/quarterback to finish plays. Despite being outweighed by nearly every offensive lineman he goes against, he has the playing strength to hold his ground vs. run blocks, and can shed, free-up and make tackles on runs at him. However, despite natural strength, he can't get a push as a power rusher because he does not use his hands aggressively when he rushes the quarterback.
    Strengths: Adeyanju is an excellent athlete at the defensive end position who has a lot of potential as a pass rusher. He has a quick first step and has a lot of success beating opposing blockers off the edge because of his quickness and overall speed. Has very good range as well as the closing speed to track down runners from behind. Will not miss many tackles and has the agility and short range speed to rarely be beat. Has solid size with some room to add more bulk. Is an experienced player who started all four years at Indiana and was an underrated player with decent productivity.

    Weaknesses: Although he has the experience, Adeyanju's technique as a pass rusher is still a bit raw. Much of the time, he relies too much on pure athleticism and simply beating offensive tackles with his quickness and speed. He has to learn how use his hands better as well as more effectively use pass rush moves. Adeyanju has a decent build, but he lacks the strength and physicality that is needed to be an every-down defensive end at the next level. His strength could use some improvement, which would also help him in defending the run.

    Overall: He may not receive a lot of national attention, but Adeyanju is a sleeper prospect with a potentially big upside because of his athleticism. He is a quick, agile pass rusher who made a lot of plays at the college level by simply running by blockers. If he can improve his tecnique as a pass rusher as well as add some bulk and become a little bit more physical, he could become a really dangerous player off the edge down the road with the right coaching and the right situation. He improved significantly over his career as a Hoosier, and in his senior season he finished with 12 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks, with a career high 12 tackles in his final game.
    5 questions with IU's Victor Adenyanju

    Victor Adeyanju has proved to be an ironman for the Indiana football team. He has made 41 consecutive starts at defensive end. This year he is also one of the best in the Big Ten at his position and is tied for third in the conference with 5 1/2 sacks and ranks fourth with 10 tackles for loss.

    Q: What gives you the most satisfaction in a game: a sack, tackle for loss? What would it be?
    A: Besides winning, I'd have to say sacks. That's the single most satisfying experience for me on the football field.
    Q: Do you delight in hearing quarterbacks make noises after you hit them? Anything demented like that?
    A: Oh, most definitely. I've had a couple of quarterbacks tell me, "Man, that hurt!" as I was climbing up off of them. There are two sounds that I like to hear. One of them is that groan, and the other is an appreciative crowd after you've made a play.
    Q: If you weren't a defensive end, what position would you play?
    A: Probably wide receiver. I'm not sure I have the hands anymore. Maybe in high school, but not right now. But I think I might be able to give James Hardy a run for his money.
    Q: What about another sport?
    A: That would be basketball. I'm not sure how far I would have gone. I played varsity all four years of high school and I was a decent player. But I realized a long time ago that football was more my sport.
    Q: At 6-4, 275, you had to occupy space in the middle. What kind of shooting range did you have?
    A: I could shoot 3s in practice, but I never attempted one in a game. Probably 10 feet and in was where I was comfortable. I scored a lot off rebounds, and some low-post, inside stuff.

    -- Terry Hutchens
    Adeyanju to Play in 2006 Senior Bowl, Presented by Food World
    Dec. 23, 2005

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Former Indiana defensive end Victor Adeyanju, a 2005 second team all-league selection, will participate in the 2006 Senior Bowl, presented by Food World. The prestigious all-star game is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 28, 2006, in Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Ala. Kickoff is at 3 p.m., and the contest will be televised nationally by ESPN.

    Adeyanju recently sat down with to reflect on his Hoosier career.

    After earning your degree in general studies in December, what are your immediate plans as far as working out and getting ready for the Senior Bowl?
    I plan to head down to Phoenix, Ariz. on Jan 1, and train in preparation for the Senior Bowl.

    Looking back to your arrival at IU in 2001, what is the biggest change in yourself as a player and as a person?
    My biggest change as a player is just getting my body (to compete) in Big Ten form. Such as gaining weight and getting stronger. I went from 215 pounds to 275 pounds. As a person just able to focus, not taking anything for granted and marking the first time that I was away from home and my parents.

    Who were the biggest influences in your IU career?
    The biggest influences in my IU career were my family, coaches and the people around me.

    What are your thoughts on the future of the IU program?
    My thought on the future of the program is I feel that it is heading in the right direction. The new traditions that the coaches bring just gives a great environment and feeling for Indiana football.

    What is the highlight of your IU career?
    The highlight of my IU career is playing for IU and graduating.

    As you prepare for your pro career, is there a particular area or areas that you want to address?
    I don't feel that there is any area that I want to address specifically. Of course, there is always room for improving, but that is what training is for.

    What is your one piece of advice to future IU football players?
    Don't take anything for granted, play hard for your school, show great Hoosier pride and get it done on the field and in the classroom.
    From the AP:
    Draft Hopeful Adeyanju Finally Hears Name
    AP National Writer

    CHICAGO The NFL draft barely has begun, and Victor Adeyanju already is settled in front of a TV in his parents' basement, two cell phones and a cordless phone within his reach.

    Like hundreds of other college players, the defensive end from Indiana anxiously awaits the all-important call that will mean an NFL team is about to pick him.

    "I'm nervous, of course," Adeyanju says as the draft gets underway. "I'm just seeing what's going on, hoping and waiting."

    Adeyanju knows it'll be a while before his name is called. The 6-foot-4, 275-pound end has considerable pass rushing skills and had 6 1/2 sacks last season, but he's still considered somewhat raw. Indications are that he'll go anywhere from the second to fourth round.

    "It's going to be awhile, isn't it?" Adeyanju's oldest brother, Charles, says after it takes 90 minutes Saturday to get through the first 10 picks.

    Adeyanju is the fourth of Deborah and Joseph's six children, and the entire family is gathered at his parents' house on Chicago's South Side to watch the draft. Adeyanju's girlfriend, Kristi Heflin, has driven up from Indiana.

    Every television in the house is tuned to the draft, and there's lots of hustle and bustle early. But as the wait grows, things settle into a routine.

    Adeyanju sits quietly in the basement, his Indiana helmet a few feet away and his very own action figure hanging on the wall behind him. Heflin, who already has a job in Cincinnati after she graduates, tries to study for her last final. Adeyanju's youngest brother, 13-year-old James, watches another TV across the room.

    Upstairs, Joseph begins cooking dinner.

    Adeyanju doesn't say much. He'll channel surf during commercials, flipping to the NBA playoffs or the World's Strongest Man Marathon, read a book or play a few minutes of Xbox.

    As soon as the commercials are over, though, it's back to the draft.

    "I kind of know what to expect from what people are telling me and what my agents have said," he says. "But you saw what happened to Matt Leinart. You just never know. You just have to wait and see."

    Five defensive ends are taken in the first round, and that seems to bode well for him. The more ends taken, the higher his name climbs on the list of players still available.

    As the first round ends, Joseph brings some snacks downstairs and says dinner is almost ready. But Adeyanju says he's not hungry, and he and James stay in the basement while the rest of the family eats.

    "I'm not nervous. Maybe it has something to do with my beliefs," Joseph Adeyanju says. "Whatever they've asked him to do, he's done it. So let the chips fall where they may."

    Joseph and Deborah emigrated from Nigeria in the mid-1970s in search of a better life. Their five oldest children are either in college or have already gotten degrees. Victor Adeyanju, who got his degree in December, wants to get his master's one day.

    But he also wants to help his family, and an NFL contract will make that easier.

    Anticipation grows as the second round winds down. When the telephone rings almost eight hours into the day, his father, oldest brother and sister all come downstairs. For almost five minutes they wait, wondering who it is.

    Finally, Adeyanju hangs up and turns around.

    "That was just my agent," he says.

    His family groans.

    "You're killing us," his brother jokes, then heads back upstairs.

    Only one end is taken in the second round, but several go late in the third. As their names flash, James notes with a touch of indignation that their stats aren't any better than his brother's.

    The first day ends, and Adeyanju is still waiting.

    "It's pretty tough, because you don't know where you're going," he says. "You just stay open and positive. You don't feel bad, because there are a lot of good players who didn't get their names called."

    When the draft resumes Sunday morning, Adeyanju is flopped across a bed in the basement, watching one TV with James. Across the room, Charles watches another TV, while Heflin packs her bags. Her final is Tuesday night, and she has to drive back to Indiana later in the day.

    The basement is quiet for the first 50 minutes. Then, as Adeyanju's Indiana teammate Isaac Sowells is taken by Cleveland with the 112th pick, the cordless phone rings. Adeyanju answers, then gets up and walks into another room.

    Heflin, James and Charles all watch to see if this is, indeed, the call. Richard, the second-oldest brother, comes downstairs.

    When they hear him say, "Thanks a lot, sir. Yes, sir," Heflin gasps and covers her mouth. James hops up and down with glee. The St. Louis Rams will take Adeyanju with the 113th pick of the draft.

    Adeyanju is still on the phone when his name is called, but he pumps his fist and grins. Charles gives him a high-five and a hug, then turns to hug Heflin.

    "I'm numb," she says. "I'm so numb."

    Joseph comes downstairs. His son still on the phone gives him a quick hug, says "I've got to talk to Mom," and dashes upstairs.

    While Adeyanju continues talking on the phone in the living room, Charles takes charge of his cell phone, which hasn't stopped ringing since he was picked. Another brother, Michael, removes the White Sox hat Adeyanju wore all morning and replaces it with a Rams hat that Adeyanju got at the NFL combine. Adeyanju beams, and the brothers hug.

    He finally hangs up the phone and lets out a yell.

    "Oh, man, I'm so happy it's over!" he says. "Yes!"

    After a quick call to congratulate Sowells, he is mobbed by his brothers.

    "St. Louis! St. Louis! What you know about that?!" Adeyanju yells as the five hug. "St. Louis, baby! I'm so happy. SO happy. St. Louis! The Rams, baby!"

    Adeyanju then runs into the kitchen, where his father is starting breakfast, and gives him a bear hug. They laugh, then Adeyanju runs to find his mother again. Charles says quietly, "I'm so happy for him. I am so proud of him."

    A few minutes later, Adeyanju returns to the living room, tugging on his Rams hat and grinning brightly. The agonizing wait is finally over. The prospect is now on his way to being an NFL player.

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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana

    Man that was such a great pick. I love it!

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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana

    Just a little nugget of info. This guy did weekly interviews with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan on NFL Radio, and has one of the best laughs I've ever heard.

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    Re: With the 113th overall pick, the St. Louis Rams select Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana

    Funniest or coolest?

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