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Thread: #2 Scenario that I haven't seen yet

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    #2 Scenario that I haven't seen yet

    I've seen alot of draft boards that have Mike Evans going at #7 to the TB Bucs. Early on, I wanted to grab Evans at 13 after an OL at #2 or #6. It's obvious that he won't be there now, but would you spend a top 7 pick on him?


    Rams give #2

    Rams get #6, #37, Future 2nd Rounder

    Falcons move up to get Clowney or Mack .. potentially Robinson. All of them are needs and all of them are worth trading up for (though I personally wouldn't make this trade, as a Falcon...but then I don't have this thread ).

    Rams pick Mike Evans #6. This fills our needs at WR and *hopefully* we don't need to look at this position for years to come.

    With that in mind, what route do you go with the following picks:

    #1.13 - ?
    #2.37 - ?
    #2.44 - ?

    My answers:

    #1.13 - Ha-ha Clinton-Dix / This pick is between the top safety available or the top corner available. I think the Safety prospects fall of after the first two significantly more than the CB prospects.

    #2.37 - Kyle Fuller / The number 3 CB prospect on alot of boards may be gone here. If not, this 6'0" aggressive player fits right in as the #1 QB and the second missing piece in the Rams secondary.

    #2.44 - Gabe Jackson / Although they miss out on one of the top two OT's, Gabe Jackson comes in a fills the need for a run-blocking OG to play opposite of Saffold.


    Without even looking into the rounds after the second, the Rams have filled their biggest preseason needs with some great prospects. With Mike Evans providing the Thunder to Austin's Lightning, not to mention Givens and Bailey, Bradford has the tools he needs in the passing game. Pairing Jackson with Long/Wells/Saffold/Barksdale should give Bradford more time to get to those young WRs, while also opening up holes for the second-year Stacy.

    On the other side of the ball, we pair a good secondary with our stellar pass rush to bring our defense into the top 5 discussion for good. Clinton-Dix and McDonald should make for an above average secondary with Fuller, Jenkins, and Johnson manning a group of corners that are now a little more free to play aggressively with a stronger group of safeties and effective blitz packages from Williams.
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    Re: #2 Scenario that I haven't seen yet

    It's certainly a possibility, though I think if the Rams trade down to 6th, hopefully they still have a shot at one of the Top Five non-QBs and a passer sneaks into the Top 5. But I could envision a scenario where the selections go Clowney, Mack, Watkins, Robinson, Matthews, and then the Rams are sitting there at six deciding between Evans and Lewan.

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