Less than 12 hours until the draft starts. Here are my final thoughts:
  1. I want Julio Jones. Don't know if he'll be there. Don't think we'll trade up. I just want him to be a St. Louis Ram.
  2. If not Jones, there are five other players I feel good about (in no particular order, as I have them ranked very close to one another): Aldon Smith, Corey Liuget, Robert Quinn, Cameron Jordan and Ryan Kerrigan.
  3. Da'Quan Bowers is a tough call for me. If healthy, he's near the top of my draft board. If the Rams take him, I'll trust that they have cleared him medically and welcome him with open arms.
  4. Other players who I've seen in various mocks just don't sound like smart choices for the Rams: Prince Amukamara, Mark Ingram, Mike Pouncey.
  5. If Nick Fairly free-falls, would I take him? Hard call. I suspect it would depend a great deal on how he presented himself in interviews (I believe the Rams would have met with him at the Combine).
  6. A player I have not mentioned before who intrigues me is Edmond Gates, WR Abilene Christian. I'd keep an eye on him in Round 3 if the Rams don't take receiver in Round 1 or 2.
  7. Jim Thomas has apparently insisted that the Rams have no interest in Leonard Hankerson. I don't get that. I think he'll be a very good pro.
  8. If Mikel LeShoure falls to #47, I'd have a tough time passing on him.
  9. I like the idea of Mason Foster lined up next to James Laurinaitis.
  10. I don't understand how a few "experts" out there still list CB as a need position for the Rams.
  11. Looks like my mock will be wrong (I have Dareus going first) and Cam Newton will likely go No. 1. I'm not calling "bust," but I don't think that will end well.
  12. With all the hype Blaine Gabbert has received as a top 10 prospect, I keep coming back to this: 16 TDs, 9 Interceptions in 2010. That does not exactly jump off the page, does it?
  13. I guess what I'm saying is... man, I'm glad the Rams took Sam Bradford last year.
  14. The lockout/injunction/motion for stay/appeal process will HOPEFULLY take a back seat tonight.
  15. If, however, the 8th Circuit quickly denies the league's stay request, player trades should be permitted this weekend.
  16. I like the Thur/Fri/Sat draft format.
  17. Daniel Thomas, my pick for the Rams in Round 2, is going to be a good NFL back.
  18. I wonder how many calls the Rams might receive from teams looking to trade up. I'd listen to offers if Jones is off the board.
  19. It will be fun having a draft in which the suspense lasts more than two picks!
  20. Most basic goal for this weekend: I want the Rams to end up with potential opening day starters at (at least) 3 of the following 5 positions: WR, OG, DT, OLB, FS.