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    20 Random Eve-of-Free Agency Thoughts

    1. Not too long ago, when the Rams made an unexpected personnel move, I'd react by saying "what are they doing!" Now, I find myself saying "I can't wait to see what they're doing!"

    2. Mikell's release makes sense. Its simple economics for a guy approaching his 33rd birthday.

    3. I have a strong feeling that, if a deal presents itself that would allow the Rams to turn their three Round 1-2 picks into four, they would pull the trigger.

    4. Right now, the draft prospect who gives me the most anxiety is Tavon Austin. I worry about taking him, but I'm starting to worry more about NOT taking him.

    5. The "sleeper" who intrigues me the most right now: Sio Moore, OLB, UConn.

    6. I think the Rams first and primary FA move needs to be an OT (Long, Baker, Loadholt). If they can sign a starter, then get a Jonathan Cooper in the draft, the OL will be pretty well set.

    7. I truly hope we can re-sign William Hayes. If we can't, look for the Rams to take a rotation DL (or two) on Day 3 of the draft.

    8. Or... a FA who might be worth a look: Israel Idonije, Bears.

    9. I'm at peace with the fact that SJax won't be back, and I wish him well.

    10. Feel pretty much the same about Amendola.

    11. I think the Rams are going to spend more in the FA market than some believe they will.

    12. Jared Cook intrigues me. Physically, he's as close to Vernon Davis as any TE. Will the production follow?

    13. Skip Bayless tweeted that Vince Young should not have apologized to Jeff Fisher but, rather, Fisher should have been the one to apologize. This proves one thing we've known for a long time: Bayless is a moron.

    14. ProFootballTalk is one of the funniest websites around... unintentionally.

    15. Some of the numbers being thrown around for FAs are absurd.

    16. I'm willing to bet that the Rams will start 2013 as the youngest team in the league.

    17. Dashon Goldson would look really good in horns.

    18. I wonder what the Vegas odds will be in September for the Niners, Seahawks and Rams to all make the playoffs in 2013.

    19. If Brandon Gibson is worth $6M/year, I'm worth at least $1M (and I'm 45 and have two bad knees).

    20. Fasten your seatbelts... the next few days are going to be interesting!

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    Re: 20 Random Eve-of-Free Agency Thoughts

    Jared Cook is wanted money for potential that is yet to be tapped....I rather have Keller for less that will understand his role quicker...If you had to bet your life who would have more touchdowns Keller vs Cook this season -- Cook is no lock by any means....

    *** Right now, the draft prospect who gives me the most anxiety is Tavon Austin. I worry about taking him, but I'm starting to worry more about NOT taking him. ***

    I love this ^^^ statement...To me, there are a few factors that come into play. #1 (assuming Patterson is off the board we have to weight the best Guard vs. the best WR available.)

    Austin won't be there for our Round 2 pick. #2 if Austin has a good attitude. Look at the Harvin situation. Although, these hybrid guys are freak athletes, they often can't take the beating the bigger WRs can.

    #3 Fisher's scheme (and Shotty) --- I don't think either of them have ever had or used a hybrid player successfully into the play calling.

    If you don't plan to use this guy on First down, out of the backfield, and take chances for big plays ..don't draft him.

    This is gonna be a great off-season.....Enjoy the stache!!!!!!!!

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    Re: 20 Random Eve-of-Free Agency Thoughts

    Some of the numbers being thrown around for FAs are absurd.
    This is the new reality. The players wanted the veterans to get paid more, so they capped the rookie salaries. What has been absurd is rookies getting paid 78 million and 50 million guaranteed and they have not played a down. The money has shifted and will go to players that have played well. That said I agree, now more then ever teams will have to be careful not to get burned in FA. It will happen more often then not. Last year Mario Williams signing a six-year deal potentially worth $100 million which includes $50 million in guaranteed money. His first year he stunk.

    Last year it was you Av that wrote about how this would change the draft and you where spot on. Teams where more willing to move up in the draft knowing the cost or value now in the draft will be far better then FA.

    Having those two extra picks we have far more value then I thought they where worth at first glance.

    Teams can really set their franchise back in FA, not all these moves will workout we know that. I for one would like to avoid the big ticket FA and build through he draft.
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