VERY pleased with DL Carriker! :r

:r ...I also like RB Leonard very much. Seems to have excellent character and team approach. We may have found a mature rookie in this hard nose player.

Now that Jax is off to the races as our main power back, I think Leonard will fill in nicely for Stephen Davis as a second power runner -- and good receiver too -- along with Madison Hedgecock as our big FB, i.e., Hit man or, if you prefer, our Hammer. Leonard and Hedgecock just may turn out to be our Rams version of ironman Mike Alscott and former Cornhusker Tom Rathman, a strong punch combo to help Jackson have a great year. With whomever else makes it at RB depth, I'm really excited and have high hopes for our running game this year!

CB Jonathan Wade. Don't know much about this Volunteer other than he's a true speedster, ex Track/WR athlete, has good character, and that he still needs plenty of football academics in order to develop in the NFL. Long term Ram project or sleeper surprise for our D?

Welcome New 2007 Rams! :l