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    2007 NFL Mock Draft

    2007 NFL Mock Draft
    Round 1
    -Tampa Bay trades 1[4] and 2[35] to Detroit for 1[2].
    1. Oakland Raiders: QB JaMarcus Russel* [LSU]
    The Raiders will think about Calvin Johnson, but Al Davis wants the big arm at QB and he wins out.

    2. Tampa Bay Bucs: WR Calvin Johnson* [Georgia Tech]
    Johnson is the best player in the draft and Gruden will not hesitate to move up and grab the 6’5” receiver.

    3. Cleveland Browns: QB Bradie Quinn [Notre Dame]
    The Browns want a franchise QB and Quinn is the closest thing to it at this point.

    4. Detroit Lions: DE Gaines Adams [Clemson]
    Marinnelli wants an elite pass rusher for his cover 2 defense and Adams is the smoothest pass usher in the draft.

    5. Arizona Cardinals: OT Joe Thomas [Wisconsin]
    The Cardinals need a LT to take the next step and Thomas is the best OL prospect in the draft.

    6. Washington Redskins: DE Jamaal Anderson* [Arkansas]
    The Skins will look long and hard at Okoye, but with just 19 sacks last year they will take Anderson who is a natural pass rusher.

    7. Minnesota Vikings: RB Adrian Peterson* [OU]
    The Vikings are looking for a WR, but Peterson is a franchise back that can carry a franchise.

    8. Atlanta Falcons: DT Amobi Okoye [Louisville]
    Petrino gets his favorite son and an impact player on the DL.

    9. Miami Dolphins: OT Levi Brown [Penn State]
    The Dolphins have no one at LT and with Trent Green possibly playing QB they will need protection.

    10. Houston Texans: S Laron Landry [LSU]
    Landry is an impact S that the Texans have never had in their secondary.

    11. San Francisco *****: LB Pat Willis [Ole Miss]
    Willis might be the best defensive player in the draft and the ***** do not hesitate to add him to their young defense.

    12. Buffalo Bills: RB Marshawn Lynch* [Cal]
    Lynch is a triple threat running back who can run, catch and block.

    13. St. Louis Rams: DT Alan Branch* [Michigan]
    The Rams need someone to contribute to stopping the run. At 6’6” 330lbs. Branch has the size and athletic ability the Rams need.

    14. Carolina Panthers: S Reggie Nelson* [Florida]
    The Panthers need help at S with Minter aging and Nelson has everything you look for in a S.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers: CB Leon Hall [Michigan]
    The Steelers do not have a true shut down CB after Ike Taylor fell apart last year.

    16. Green Bay Packers: TE Greg Olsen* [Miami]
    The Packers TE position was terrible last year. Olsen gives them a dynamic playmaker for Favre.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Adam Carriker [Nebraska]
    The Jags were hoping for Nelson, but they will go BPA and take Carriker to bolster their DL.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals: CB Darrelle Revis* [Pittsburgh]
    The Bengals would like to take a DT here, but it is early for Harrell so they grab The best CB on the board and solidify their secondary.
    19. Tennessee Titans: WR Tedd Ginn Jr. [Ohio State]
    They got their franchise QB last year now it is time to get him a #1 target. Ginn will also help in the kick return game now that Pac Man has been suspended.
    20. New York Giants: OT Joe Staley [Central Michigan]
    The Giants released LT Luke Pettigout and do not have any proven replacements.

    21. Denver Broncos: DE Jarvis Moss* [Florida]
    The Broncos need to address their DL and Moss has great pass rush potential.

    22. Dallas Cowboys: WR Dwayne Bowe [LSU]
    The Cowboys do not have a huge need at WR, but Bowe will provide youth in an aging receiving core.
    23. Kansas City Chiefs: DT Justin Harrell [Tennessee]
    The Chiefs have not been able to find an impact player at the DT. Harrell is a big wide bodied run stuffer with exceptional toughness.

    24. New England Patriots [Sea]: LB Jon Beason* [Miami]
    The Patriots need to get younger and faster at the MLB spot.

    25. New York Jets: CB Chris Houston* [Arkansas]
    The Jets are able to pick the fastest CB in the draft and a player that can develop into a #1 CB.
    26. Philadelphia Eagles: S Brandon Merriweather [Miami]
    The Eagles lost Michael Lewis and Brian Dawkins is aging.

    27. New Orleans Saints: CB Aaron Ross [Texas]
    The Saints have no one at CB and Ross brings the type of speed that they lack in the secondary.

    28. New England Patriots: DE/LB Anthony Spencer [Purdue]
    The Patriots will look at a number of positions, however Spender is the BPA and will be groomed to play OLB.

    29. Baltimore Ravens: OG Ben Grubbs [Auburn]
    The Ravens OL is going through a transition and they need to add young talent to the OL.

    30. San Diego Chargers: WR Robert Meachem* [Tennessee]
    Meachem slips a little, but the Chargers don’t mind as they can get a WR with some speed.

    31. Chicago Bears: LB Lawrence Timmons* [Florida State]
    The Bears relationship has soured and by picking Timmons they can look to deal the disgruntled player.

    32. Indianapolis Colts: LB Paul Poslusky [Penn State]
    The Colts need someone at LB to come in and play and while Paul P does not have the upside of Timmons or Beason he is ready to play.

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft

    The Detroit/Tampa trade makes a lot of sense now that i see it. The only thing i would say is the Redskins and Falcons picks could be switched. The Redskins are likely to grab a DT to help keep linemen off Fletcher and improve that 27th ranked run defense. And Atlanta seem more likely to want the pass rushing DE to help with their 29th ranked pass D.

    its all moot anyway since Green Bay will be trading up to the top 5 to pick up an impact offensive rookie thereby destroying every mock draft created in 2007.

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft

    that was one of the most plausible and likely first rounds I have seen in a while. Good job. I think the Falcons might grab Landry instead but other than that it was great

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by timsum1283 View Post
    that was one of the most plausible and likely first rounds I have seen in a while. Good job. I think the Falcons might grab Landry instead but other than that it was great
    In my next update I am making that change, but I don't know if Petrino will pass on his child star.


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