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    2007 NFL Mock Draft and FAs 12/19/2006

    2007 NFL Mock Draft

    Atlanta trades RFA QB Matt Schaub to the Oakland for 2[34] and 4[07].
    Washington trades 3[70] to Denver through Atlanta for RB T.J Duckett.
    Washington trades 2[38] to the NY Jets for 2[06].

    Free Agents:

    RB Micheal Turner signs with Oakland.
    OT Leonard Davis signs with the Houston Texans.
    OG Eric Steinback signs with Washington.
    OG Derrick Dockery signs with St. Louis.
    DE Justin Smith signs with St. Louis
    DE Charles Grant resigns with New Orleans.
    DE Jared Allen resigns with Kansas City.
    DE Dwight Freeney resigns with Indianapolis.
    LB Lance Briggs signs with St. Louis.
    CB Nate Clements signs with the NY Jets.
    CB Asante Sameuls sign with NY Giants.
    S Ken Hamlin signs with San Francisco.

    Round 1

    1. Detroit Lions: QB Bardie Quinn [Notre Dame]

    2. Oakland Raiders: WR Calvin Johnson* [Georgia Tech]

    3. Tampa Bay Bucs: QB JaMarcuss Russell [LSU]

    4. Arizona Cardinals: OT Joe Thomas [Wisoncsin]

    5. Houston Texans: RB Adrian Peterson* [Oklahoma]

    6. Washington: DE Gaines Adams [Clemson]

    7. Cleveland Browns: RB Marshawn Lynch* [Cal]

    8. St. Louis: DT Alan Branch* [Michigan]

    9. San Francisco *****: CB Leon Hall [Michigan]

    10. Green Bay Packers: WR Dwayne Jarrett* [USC]

    11. Minnesota Vikings: WR Tedd Ginn jr.* [Ohio State]

    12. Carolina Panthers: S Reggie Nelson* [Florida]

    13. Miami Dolphins: LB Patrick Willis [Ole Miss]

    14. Pittsburgh Steelers: OT Levis Brown [Penn Sate]

    15. Buffalo Bills: OT Justin Blalock [Texas]

    16. Tennessee Titans: DE Quentin Moses [Georgia]

    17. Atlanta Falcons: S Laron Landry [LSU]

    18. New York Jets: DE LaMarr Woodley [Michigan]

    19. Philadelphia Eagles: LB Paul Pozlowsky [Penn State]

    20. Kansas City Chiefs: QB Troy Smith [Ohio State]

    21. Denver Broncos: DE Adam Carriker [Nebraska]

    22. New York Giants: RB Kenny Irons [Auburn]

    23. New England Patriots (from Seattle): WR Dwayne Bowe [LSU]

    24. Dallas Cowboys: S Micheal Griffen [Texas]

    25. Jacksonville Jaguars: LB Brandon Siler* [Florida]

    26. Cincinnati Bengals: DT/NT Quinn Pitcock [Ohio State]

    27. New Orleans Saints: DT DeMarcus Tyler [NC State]

    28. New England Patriots: CB Fred Bennett [South Carolina]

    29. Baltimore Ravens: OT Joe Staley [Central Michigan]

    30. Indianapolis Colts: LB H.B Blades [Pittsburgh]

    31. Chicago Bears: WR Jeff Samardjia [Notre Dame]

    32. San Diego Chargers: LB Buster Davis [Florida St.]

    Round 2

    1. Detroit Lions: DE Anthony Spencer [Purdue]

    2. Atlanta [Oakland]: NT Amobi Akoyo [Louisville]

    3. Tampa Bay Bucs: LB Earl Everett [Florida]

    4. Arizona Cardinals: DE Victor Abriamiri [Notre Dame]

    5. Houston Texans: OT Aaron Sears [Tennessee]

    6. NY Jets [Washington Redskins]: DE/DT Ray MacDonald [Florida]

    7. Cleveland Browns: QB Drew Stanton [Michigan St.]

    8. St. Louis: LB Justin Warren [Texas A&M]

    9. San Francisco *****: LB David Harris [Michigan]

    10. Green Bay Packers: DE Tim Crowder [Texas]

    11. Minnesota Vikings: TE Zach Miller [Arizona St.]

    12. Carolina Panthers: OG/C Kyle Young [Fresno St.]

    13. Miami Dolphins: OT Ryan Harris [Notre Dame]

    14. Pittsburgh Steelers: CB Aaron Ross [Texas]

    15. Buffalo Bills: C Doug Datish [Ohio State]

    16. Tennessee Titans: WR Jason Hill [Washington St.]

    17. Atlanta Falcons: DE Mikristo Bruce [Washington St.]

    18. New York Jets: S Tom Zibikowski [Notre Dame]

    19. Philadelphia Eagles: CB Daymein Hughes [Cal]

    20. Kansas City Chiefs: DT Kareem Brown [Miami]

    21. Denver Broncos: OG Justin Beekman [Boston College]

    22. New York Giants: S Eric Weddle [Utah]

    23. Seattle: TE Clark Harris [Rutgers]

    24. Dallas Cowboys: OG Ben Grubbs [Auburn]

    25. Jacksonville Jaguars: OT Doug Free [Northern Illinois]

    26. Cincinnati Bengals: DE Dan Bazuin [Central Michigan]

    27. New Orleans Saints: CB Tarell Brown [Texas]

    28. New England Patriots: LB Prescott Burgess [Michigan]

    29. Baltimore Ravens: CB Marcus McCauley [Fresno St.]

    30. Tampa Bay [Indianapolis]: S Brandon Merriweather [Miami]

    31. Chicago Bears: TE Joe Newton [Oregon St.]

    32. San Diego Chargers: WR Chansi Stuckey [Clemson]
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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft and FAs 12/19/2006

    Your first round draft pick just seems like a fantasy more than a reality pick, I don't see it happening.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft and FAs 12/19/2006

    Branch could fall depending on where the QBs go. The problem that I see is that we will end up picking in the eraly teens where he will not be.

    After Banch I do not kow where the Rams could go.

    -Reggie Nelson or a DE.

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft and FAs 12/19/2006

    The Rams wont sign Lance Briggs or Derrick Dockery

    Incognito and Setterstrom appear to be our OGs of the future, and Tinoisamoa and Witherspoon will be our OLBs. We will sign or draft a big MLB to help against the run. One of our DTs will come from FA. If we have Haslett as DC then we are more likely to sign Charles Grant to be our DE opposite Little

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft and FAs 12/19/2006

    OG Derrick Dockery
    DE Justin Smith
    LB Lance Briggs
    DT Alan Branch

    If we get this much after the 1st round, it would have to be one of the most successful offseasons in the recent history of Rams football.

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft and FAs 12/19/2006

    Quote Originally Posted by tomahawk247 View Post
    Incognito and Setterstrom appear to be our OGs of the future
    That doesn't mean you don't sign a veteran starter to push for a role on that line. I'd actually make a veteran OG one of my top priorities in FA. If the Rams could land a player like Eric Steinbach, I think that'd be a great move.

    As for the mock draft, I don't think JaMarcuss Russell goes that high. I'd be surprised to see Tampa go anyone other than Adams or Thomas in that slot. I really don't think the Browns would take Lynch over Branch either, consider Branch could potentially be Romeo Crennel's own version of Richard Seymour in Cleveland. As for the second round, I think we're missing on value if we take Justin Warren over other players such as Josh Beekman, Ben Grubbs, David Harris, or Tim Crowder. Warren just doesn't strike me as a high second round guy at all.


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