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    2007 Rams Draft [Please Comment]

    Free Agents:
    DE Patrick Kerney [4 years 8SB/25million]

    LB Napolean Harris [5 years 10SB/24million]

    OG Derrick Dockery [6 years 8SB/28million]


    Trade: 1[13] to New York for 1[25] and 2[38].

    1[25] NT Tank Tyler [NC State]
    Not the nest player available but the Rams are desperate for a NT.

    2[38] WR Sidney Rice [South Carolina]
    Brings youth and size and can learn from two legends.

    2[52] S Tanard Jackson [Syracuse]
    Can push at FS or SS.

    3[77] DE Jay Moore [Nebraska]
    Brings a blue collar mentality to the defense and will develop with Victor.

    4. LB Anthony Waters [Texas A&M]
    Has the size to play outside and the speed to cover TEs.

    5. OT Mike Otto [Purdue]
    A young tackle to backup Orlando and develop for his departure.

    5. CB Ramzee Robinson [Alabama]
    The CB position will see some major changes.

    6. C Casey Studdard [Texas]
    He might be insane.

    7. DE Jay Richardson [Ohio St.]
    A big DE who probably will spend time in Europe.

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    Re: 2007 Rams Draft [Please Comment]

    Never even heard of Tank Tyler and our FA sucks.

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    Re: 2007 Rams Draft [Please Comment]

    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddyPace View Post
    Never even heard of Tank Tyler and our FA sucks.
    That's odd. I figured anyone following the draft would have heard of Tank Tyler at this point. Tyler is probably the best NT option (not named Branch) in the draft. As for our FAs, I think this scenario overpays for Harris, but walking away with Kerney, Harris, and Dockery wouldn't be too bad.

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    Re: 2007 Rams Draft [Please Comment]

    Couple of notes...

    • Napoleon Harris gets a bigger signing bonus than Kerney and Dockery? Not likely at all. There's no way Harris deserves a contract of that size, IMO.
    • So we trade down 12 spaces and still end up reaching for a player? I can't say I like that strategy.
    • Rice is a solid pick. Jackson is pretty versatile but I'm not sure I take a DB so soon if he's not a pure safety.
    • Moore is a solid third rounder.
    • I'm not as convinced as you are that Waters can move outside because I'm not sold on him in coverage in terms of being able to turn and run with guys. I think he's more of a two-down ILB, maybe a good fit inside in the 3-4.
    • Otto is solid in the fifth, but I don't want to make drafting 5'9" corners a habit, especially when they likely don't have the speed to compensate for their stature.
    • Studdard might be insane, and you want to put him next to Richie!? Heh, all joking aside, solid pick though. Richardson works for me in the late rounds as well.

    Overall pretty solid. Some I disagree with personally, others I thought were quality picks. Nice work!

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: 2007 Rams Draft [Please Comment]

    when you put in all this stuff about what free agents we are going to get before that even starts up and trades to teams , this makes this whole thing a waste of time, even if your draft picks sound good, odds are , that the rams will have none of these players on april 30th.


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