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    2007 St. Louis Rams Draft

    2007 St. Louis Rams Draft

    Free Agents
    -DE Justin Smith [Bengals]
    -OG Derrick Dockery [Redskins]
    -DT Terdell Sands [Raiders]

    1[13] DT Amobi Okoye [Louisville] 6’1” 317lbs.

    The biggest weakness with the Rams defense was in the run game. This weakness can be directly linked to the play at DT. Jimmy Kennedy is an average NT and LaRoi Glover is aging and a liability against the run. Okoye provides exactly what the Rams need on the DL he is young at only 20 years old when he will be drafted and has the size to clog the run. Okoye also has a great motor and intelligence which are always a positive thing.

    2[45] LB David Harris [Michigan] 6’2” 252lbs.

    The Rams need a LB that can straight up stuff the run. Harris will not have to do anything fancy or cover to many people, that’s what the Rams have Spoon and 50 for, he will simply step up and make tackles. Harris is a tough strong tackler with the size that the LB core has been missing.

    3[77] OT Mike Otto [Purdue] 6’5” 302lbs.

    The Rams OL depth was put to the test this year with injuries to four of five starters. Otto provides depth at both OG and OT, both of which he played at Purdue. Otto also has a great attitude and works very hard. Otto can be groomed as the replacement for Pace at LT while challenging to start in at OG.

    4. WR Chansi Stuckey [Clemson] 6’0” 190lbs.

    Age is the only concern at the WR position. Holt and Bruce are both in their 30s and an infusion of youth is needed. Stuckey does not have great size, but that has never been a problem for the Rams, but he does have the speed to stretch the field and return kicks.

    5. DE Brian Robison [Texas]

    After signing DE Justin Smith from the Bengals the Rams can wait to pick one. Robison is a high motor guy that will contribute in many phases of the game. He can play the run rush the passer and play special teams.

    5. S Wesley Smith [Memphis]

    There has been a lot made of the Rams safety position. The Rams have said that they are happy with the way that Otogwe and Chavous played this year. I think their could improvement made to the position. Smith has good size, which will help on special teams and in run support.

    6. OC Nick Jones [Georgia]

    Jones is a depth pick and may spend time on the practice roster, but he should battle with Romberg to back up at C.

    7. RB/KR Thomas Clayton [Kansas State] 5’9” 215lbs.

    A depth pick that will probably not spend much time on the roster.

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    Re: 2007 St. Louis Rams Draft

    Pass on Thomas Clayton. He's not any good.

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    Re: 2007 St. Louis Rams Draft

    -Okoye is fine in the first depending on what's left on the board. He wouldn't be my first choice @ 13 unless a couple other options are off the board.

    -I'm rather confused about your second round pick. If your position is the Rams only need a moderate improvement at linebacker, which you said in another thread, why are they spending their second highest draft pick on the position? I think if that's your stance, then they could wait to address that position in a later round or even find someone in free agency at a cheaper price to be that guy.

    -Otto in the third round is a fairly big reach. He's a second-day prospect at best IMO. Also, if you have us addressing guard in free agency, do we really need to spend a first day pick on one? Perhaps a center would make more sense.

    -It seems Stuckey's stock is more in line with a second or third round pick, so I'm not convinced he's there in the fourth. Maybe he falls with all the juniors who come out though. Any reason why you didn't go with a taller receiver?

    -I'm okay with Robinson, though I think if we're going to go for an undersized end we should look at someone who has a faster first step. In the fifth round though, I doubt beggars can really afford to be choosers though. Good special teams player.

    -Smith in the fifth is okay. He's more suited as a strong safety but reports indicate he struggled making that transition in college. But as you said, should be a good special teams player.

    -Not really that big of a fan of Jones but he's a solid late round pick.

    -I'll pass on Clayton as well. He was in off the field trouble this year and was demoted as well. Doesn't sound like a guy the Rams need to go after.


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