There are many MLBs in the 2009. It is definately a pressing need, but past Laurantis and Mauluga(counting Curry as an OLB) what is there.

Rey Mauluga, LB, USC
Grade: First round
Mags will most likely be the first MLB taken. He is big and very aggressive, but Scouts think his problems in coverage will drop him. Some want him at number 2 overall, but lets get real that not happening.

James Lauranatis, LB, USC
Grade: First Round
Laurantis has a verry solid all around game. He isn't terrfice at anything, but is a great player and a leader who makes plays all over the field. Recent questions have popped up around him, so the combine will be verry important for him. He is a candidate to take a Paul Puzlusny nose dive into the rams lap.

Darry Beckwith, LB, LSU
Grade: 2-3
Beckwith isn't the biggest guy, but he is extremely agressive and physical and is great agaisnt the run. Has played on the weekside and in the middle. One major concern is he may be injury prone. He is similar to new DC Ken Flajoles pro bowl LB Jon Beasn.

Scott McKillop, LB, Pittsburgh
Grade: 3
Great leader tackeling machine. Exploded on the scene after Buster Davis left for the NFL. Isn't the fastet or the strongest, but gets it done. He is a leader and has a nose for the ball.

Frantz Joseph, LB, Florida Atlantic
Grade: 4-5
Hard nosed down hill player. Physical force against the run. Near top when it comes to tackles. Has problems in coverage and may only be a 2 down player.

Jasper Brinkley, LB, South Carolina
Grade: 3-6
Verry intrigiung prospect. Huge about 275 pounds beast in the middle. Was a first round pick before a knee injury that killed his stock. Definately is a beast against the run and is also a great blitzer. Not the best in coverage.

feal free to add some names because this definately isn't the whole list.