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Thread: 2011 Draft

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    thatguy Guest

    2011 Draft

    What positions do you think the rams will draft in the first 3 round or so assuming they have a top 5 pick?. If Robinson and Gibson don't show some potential for the future I think A.J Green should be the pick in the 1st round. In the 2nd round I think the rams could go for a DE if they aren't committed to selvie or maybe even a OLB. If the rams don't find a back up RB in FA they will pick a RB in the 3rd because the first 2 rounds seem a bit high to draft a back up. Then the rams could use a high pick on a RB the next draft.

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    Re: 2011 Draft

    I'm always up for supporting a newbie, but I say we draft a RB w/ the 2nd round pick (provided that we don't trade it away for Mr. Jackson like everyone keeps speculating), the reason being is that S. Jackson is unjury prone & we need to start looking for an heir apperant sooner rather than later for a bunch of reasons.

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    Re: 2011 Draft

    Im thinking if we dont pick up either a running back or a big name receiver... AJ GREEN BABY! hopefully mark ingram.

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    Re: 2011 Draft

    I think this will be another exciting draft because we'll be focusing on our offense. Getting a new WR or RB to complement SJax is always a fun time.
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    Re: 2011 Draft

    I'd say the top three needs will likely be:

    1. WR
    2. DE
    3. RB

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    molar_pistol Guest

    Re: 2011 Draft

    receiver, defensive end, a dt that can bring pressure would seem like the 3 most likely at this point. i agree on a rb in the 2nd, it's about time we fixed this problem.

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