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    Wink 2011 Rams Mock Offseason & Draft

    Hey guys, I entered into a mock offseason/draft on another board I frequent. Basically we had guys sign up and take over GM duties for each team, running free agency, player trading and drafting for their team. Like last year I took the Rams, here's how it went.


    Traded 7th (#205 overall), 7th (from Ravens, #217 overall) to Cardinals for Steve Breaston
    Traded 2nd (#47 overall) to Raiders for Zach Miller and 5th (#145 overall)

    FREE AGENT SIGNINGS (Cap space: $30, Spent: $28)
    Mark Clayton, WR, Rams, $0 (Franchise Tag)
    Richie Incognito, OG, Dolphins $6
    Chad Greenway, OLB $18
    Roy Williams, SS $4
    Lost Gary Gibson, DT (Signed by Giants, $3)
    Lost Laurent Robinson, WR (Signed by Redskins, $13)
    Lost Daniel Fells, TE (Signed by Raiders, $1)

    A note on free agency, each team had their top 4 URFAs enter the FA pool for everyone to bid on. All RFAs and lower end URFAs were assumed to stay with their original team (we did this to keep the FA pool to a manageable size). Each team also had a free franchise tag to use and a cap space number to stay within. Rams had $30 million which was about middle of the road.


    Traded 1st (#14 overall), 4th (#111 overall), 5th (#142 overall) to Browns for 1st (#6 overall)
    Traded 3rd (#78 overall) to Cardinals for 4th (#102 overall), 4th (#118 overall)
    Traded Mardy Gilyard, Billy Bajema, 4th (#118 overall) to Saints for 2nd (#56 overall)
    Traded 4th (#102 overall) to Cardinals for 5th (#133), 5th (#159), 6th (#180) and 7th (#210)
    Traded 5th (#159) and 7th (#210) to Jets for 6th (#176), 7th (#197) and 7th (#213)

    1st round, from Cleveland (#6 overall) - Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama
    2nd round, from New Orleans (#56 overall) - Titus Young, WR, Boise State
    5th round, from Arizona (#133 overall) - Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma State
    5th round, from Oakland (#145 overall) - Davon House, CB, New Mexico State
    6th round, from Oakland via NYJ (#176 overall) - Ricky Elmore, DE, Arizona
    6th round, from NYG via Arizona (#180 overall) - Lawrence Wilson, OLB, Connecticut
    7th round, from Arizona via NYJ (#197 overall) - Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia
    7th round, from Indianapolis via NYJ (#213 overall) - Henry Hynoski, FB, Pittsburgh


    This is a preliminary depth chart heading into 2011. Some of it (especially the WRs) is still very much up in the air. I'm sure I've left off a few depth guys also but it's just a rough draft.

    QB: Sam Bradford / AJ Feeley
    RB: Steven Jackson / Kendall Hunter / Noel Devine / Kenneth Darby / Keith Toston
    FB: Mike Karney / Henry Hynoski / Brit Miller
    WR1: Mark Clayton / Donnie Avery / Brandon Gibson
    WR2: Titus Young / Danario Alexander
    SlotWR: Danny Amendola / Steve Breaston
    RT: Jason Smith
    RG: Richie Incognito / Adam Goldberg
    C: Jason Brown / Hank Fraley
    LG: Jacob Bell / John Greco
    LT: Rodger Saffold / Renardo Foster
    TE: Zach Miller / Michael Hoomanawanui / Fendi Onobun / Derek Schouman

    DE: Chris Long / George Selvie / Eugene Sims
    DT: Fred Robbins / Darell Scott / Jermelle Cudjo
    DT: Marcell Dareus / Clifton Ryan / Jimmy Saddler-McQueen
    DE: James Hall / Ricky Elmore / C.J. Ah You
    SLB: Na'il Diggs / David Vobora / Larry Grant / David Nixon
    MLB: James Laurinaitis / Bryam Kehl
    WLB: Chad Greenway / Lawrence Wilson / Chris Chamberlain / Maurice Simpkins
    CB1: Ronald Bartell / Davon House / Kevin Dockery / Quincy Butler
    CB2: Bradley Fletcher / Jerome Murphy / Justin King
    SS: Roy Williams / James Butler / Michael Lewis
    FS: Oshiomogho Atogwe / Craig Dahl / Darian Stewart

    K: Josh Brown
    P: Donnie Jones
    LS: Chris Massey
    KR/PR: Danny Amendola / Titus Young / Noel Devine

    ( Franchise tag / Free Agent Signing / Trade Acquisition / Draft Pick )

    So how did I do? Thoughts?
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    Re: 2011 Rams Mock Offseason & Draft

    Oh it was that Roy Williams!? I thought it was the WR first time I read through, went back up and sure enough, the safety that can't cover or tackle is starting for us. Unfortunately I'd rather stick with Dahl, or better yet, convert Jerome Murphy to SS.

    Besides that, I thought you did a good job of filling needs. Steve Breaston for two 7th rounders? Might as well hold a gun to the cardinals gm's head and take all of his money while your at it. And I lol'd when I saw Cogs back on our O line(always liked the big mauler, but his personality just doesn't fit). The Chad Greenway signing makes this a great off season- if not a realistic one

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    Re: 2011 Rams Mock Offseason & Draft

    Yeah, Roy Williams wasn't my first choice, or second... or third... or fourth... lol I kinda just got stuck with him when guys outbid me for all the other SS options I wanted. He actually did a pretty decent (if not spectacular) job last year for the Bengals. I felt I HAD to upgrade from Dahl and I wanted to enter the draft with as few pressing needs as possible so I could lean more towards going BPA.

    About Incognito, from what I've heard he's matured and shouldn't be so much of a personality clash (at least relatively speaking).

    Breaston is a big injury risk, he's been dealing with the same knee issue for 2 years now and still isn't fully healthy. Still a good risk vs reward IMO when all it took was two 7ths.
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    Re: 2011 Rams Mock Offseason & Draft

    I like the acquisition of Steve Breaston for...well, almost free. That's huge.

    I wouldn't (and the Rams didn't) franchise Mark Clayton. He's good, but we should be able to get him to re-sign without paying him like a top 5 receiver, especially coming back from injury.

    Moving up 8 spots in the first to land Dareus by giving up a 4th and a 5th also probably isn't something that would happen in reality, but it'd be a draft day coup if it did.

    I really like the Greenway pickup, but I wouldn't give up a 2nd for Zach Miller.

    In the real world, Cogs might have matured, but I doubt it would really be in his interests or ours to bring him back.

    I'm not 100% sold on Titus Young, but he would give us a deep threat we currently lack.

    I like Kendall Hunter as a complement to Jackson.

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    Re: 2011 Rams Mock Offseason & Draft

    LOL! I knew the Icognitard pick up wouldn't go well on this website. There is not much love for him here at all. I personally think he is a good player but was not a good fit for the Rams and vice versa.
    Don't think we'd move up to get a DT it would be probably Green, but anyways it was mock.
    No way the Cardinals would let a division rival have Breaston for 2 7th's but if they did I'm sure Devaney would do it in a heartbeat. He is a great complimentory WR. From being a Michigan fan I've followed him with the Cards: He's a great 3rd down option, if you remember he caused a turnover in our first game from running back on whoever it was returning a fumble recovery for a TD and stopped the other INT for TD by sprinting down filed and tackling him our first game last season. I watched him in AZ when I went and he continued to drive the Cards down the field with alot of long 3rd down receptions until Derek kept being stupid got hurt, his backup do much better. anyways, rant over he is good
    But hey it was mock, don't think even madden would let you pull this stuff off!!! lol Hope you had fun wish I could'a participated!
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    Re: 2011 Rams Mock Offseason & Draft

    Pretty nice of Washington to let us borrow OJ until we find a new FS

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