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    2012 Mock Off-Season

    Coaching Staff / Front Office

    Head Coach - Jeff Fisher

    - Fisher would pick the rest of the coaching staff

    General Manager - Lake Dawson
    - While he may not be my top choice for the position, I think that with Fisher having a strong say in who is his GM Dawson would be the most realistic choice.

    Re-singed / Restructured

    Danny Amendola
    Chris Chamberlain
    Darian Stewart
    Josh Gordy
    Cadillac Williams
    CJ Ah You
    Brady Poppinga
    Brit Miller
    Adam Goldberg
    Jake McQuaide
    Kellen Clemons
    - The Rams also restructure the contracts of Jason Smith, Josh Brown, and Jason Brown
    -The Rams also cut Fred Robbins and James Butler

    Free Agency

    1.) Courtland Finnegan -CB- Although some of you may not like him as a person, he is a very good player who has ties to Jeff Fisher. He could give this team a top 10 CB and allow both Bartell and Fletcher plenty of time to heal back up to full strength.

    2.) Jason Jones -DT- Another Jeff Fisher connection. Although he isn't all that great against the run Jones is great at bringing pressure up the middle and collapsing the pocket, something the Rams really lack. The Titans for some reason played him at DE this year so that might even make him cheaper.

    3.) Mario Manningham -WR- I think the Giants let him slip away which allows the Rams to get a good #2 WR that won't break the bank and can take the top off a defense with his speed.

    4.) Jake Scott -OG- A final Fisher connection that can replace Jacob Bell and wouldn't cost too much.

    5.) Manny Lawson -SAM LB- If the Bengals decide to let him go I think the Rams should jump at the chance to get him. He has been great this year and would really bring some speed to our LB's and defense in general. He also very good in coverage and is 6'6 and should be able to match up well against the Gronks and Jimmy Gharams of the world


    *The Rams trade the 2nd overall pick and Brandon Gibson to the Cleveland Browns for #4 and #22*

    1a. Justin Blackmon -WR OkSt- The Rams finally get a #1 Wide out that they have been missing since Holt. Blackmon is just a play maker at the WR position and with a combo of Blackmon, Manningham, and Amendola, no one should be complaining about a lack of weapons for Sam.

    1b. Peter Konz - C Wisconsin- Although I have the Rams restructuring and keeping Jason Brown, we still need a center. Konz is the top center available and is a mauler.

    2. Jerel Worthy - DT Mich St- Although I can see him rising into the first round, I am really hoping that this can be the Rams pick here. Worthy is inconsistent at times but when he is on, he is on. He could form a great pair with Jason Jones and be a great asset to this defense stopping the run.

    3. Coby Fleener -TE Stanford- Again, this may be wishful thinking for him to fall this far but I wouldn't even mind the Rams trading up a little bit from this pick to get him. Fleener is a massive target and was Andrew Luck's favorite target. He would help out this offense in the red zone greatly.

    4. Danny Trevathan -WLB Kentucky- Danny is a little bit undersized for a LB in the NFL but he is a tackling machine. He would help complete the line backing core.

    5. Lloyd

    6. Brandon Taylor - S LSU- The real backbone of the LSU secondary. Claiborne and the honey badger get all the credit but they wouldn't be able to do half of what they do with out Taylor back there. I think he would be a great development project.

    7. Chris Rainey -RB/PR/KR Florida- Speed kills and the Rams really need some. He could take over PR/KR duty from day one and give the Rams some much needed excitement in the return game.

    Let me know what you think, and any criticism is always welcome.

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    Re: 2012 Mock Off-Season

    I like it. Most assume the Browns make that trade, so I don't think it's too unrealistic. If Manningham wants to come, I'd take him. He was supposed to be their number 2 guy but got hurt I think and then Victor Cruz took off. I love the Blackmon, Konz, and Worthy picks and would make them myself. You bring up a good point about Fleener. Some teams are moving toward 2 TEs, and hopefully Kendricks and Fleener could be a great duo. Trevathan's a real sleeper, I think. He was super-productive at UK. I like Rainey, too. He would definately contribute. I really like this mock.

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    Re: 2012 Mock Off-Season

    Nice mock. Definitely would be the ideal situation dropping back 2 places and grabbing Blackmon while adding another 1st rounder!

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    RyanFoster Guest

    Re: 2012 Mock Off-Season

    Really doubt we pull off the Manningham thing. i just think they find a way to keep em all there but id welcome him if he did come. id rather see Colston in Blue and Gold though.

    i like the Blackmon/Konz pick but if Jason Smith doesnt come back we would really need a Tackle. FA? maybe but id rather go Reiff in the first round and move Saffold to RT where he belongs. 2 young bookend tackles that you can depend on for the next 10 years sounds great to me. RG is shored up by Dahl and Jason Brown looked good as a LG. Center would be an issue but i think Wragge looked good enough to keep the job for at least the time being.

    Love Jerel Worthy in the 2nd. no complaints. and if Coby Fleener is there in the 3rd (i doubt it) it would be the worst mistake ever not to take him

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