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Thread: 2nd round topic

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    2nd round topic

    As I am watching the senior bowl, I have noticed that Brandon Graham has come to play. Hes doing a fantastic job in the running and passing game.

    Hes been a force all game and is dominating the Oline. I would like to consider him for our 2nd round pick. I also like Sean Weatherspoon. He is also having a great game and they would both fill positions of need.

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    Re: 2nd round topic

    Graham was a Top 25 pick in my pre-Senior Bowl mock, and he's done nothing to make me think he'll go any lower than where I projected him. He'll be enticing as a pass rusher for teams running either the 4-3 or 3-4.

    Weatherspoon is a more appropriate second round option, IMO. But can the team go defense with its first two picks? That's the million dollar question. I guess my thought process is, if defense is by far the best value in the second round, you can't pass it up just because it's not offense.

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    Re: 2nd round topic

    My top three options for round 2 are benn, mardy gilyard, and mccluster. We need a legitimate weapon besides SJ and I believe all three of them are viable options.

    Of course i wouldn't be mad if we got graham or some other pass rusher.

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    Re: 2nd round topic

    mccluster definitely won't be picked 33rd overall, Sjacks.

    I think Graham and 'Spoon are both great options in round 2 and the way they have been performing at the senior bowl is impressive to say the least. either option would be an upgrade at OLB or perhaps Norwood or Bowman in round 3. anyway you look at it there will probably be 2 defensive players chosen with the first 3 picks.

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