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    4.11.07 Rams Mock Draft | No Trades

    Round 1. Jamaal Anderson, Defensive End, Arkansas

    Round 2. Aaron Ross, Cornerback, Texas

    Round 3. Marcus Thomas, Defensive Tackle, Florida

    Round 4. Jacoby Jones, Wide Receiver, Lane

    Round 5. Chris Henry, Running Back, Arizona

    Round 6. Leonard Peters, Safety, Hawaii

    Round 7. Herbert Taylor, Offensive Tackle, T.C.U

    Round 7. Nick Jones, Center, Georgia

    Round 7. Zach Diles, Outside Linebacker, Kansas State


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    Re: 4.11.07 Rams Mock Draft | No Trades

    It's a solid mock. My only two critiques would be...

    -100% no way Aaron Ross falls to us in round two. He's very likely a round one player, but if for some chance he falls out of the first, he'll be gone long before our pick in the second comes up.

    -We spent a third rounder last year on a DT with off the field flags; I don't really want to make it a habit especially with the new conduct policy coming into place.

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    chipperjones Guest

    Re: 4.11.07 Rams Mock Draft | No Trades

    Very good in my openion. Although, Nick did have some good critiques.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: 4.11.07 Rams Mock Draft | No Trades

    GOTTA LOVE THE NICK , hit the nuts right in the balls.

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    RamsNation Guest

    Re: 4.11.07 Rams Mock Draft | No Trades

    I like Aaron Ross as much as any corner in this draft,but i would be surprised yet very happy to see him fall to us.Dont like marcus thomas though, but pretty good mock.


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