In recent years, fans' dreams of landing marquee free agents were just that: dreams. St. Louis was not exactly a primary destination for the league's elite. The reasons were manifold. Bad record. Poor prospects. Unstable Ownership. Unstable leadership.

As a result, the Rams' only way of winning the free agency game was to either sign "under the radar," B list players and then having them hit their stride in St. Louis (i.e. Fred Robbins), or simply outbidding the market (i.e. Jason Brown).

This is a trend I see changing. We saw an example of the Rams' new, desireable, status earlier this week when Josh McDaniels, who was coveted by several teams (including division rival Seattle) chose to join the Rams' staff.

Here is my list of the top reasons the Rams can now realistically fight for the A list FAs:

1. Stan Kroenke: The Rams finally have a stable, and extremely deep-pocketed, owner. While Kroenke is not a spendthrift like Daniel Snyder or Jerry Jones, he has the reputation of being willing to pay for quality. He also has the reputation of letting the "football guys" (i.e. Billy Devaney) make the football decisions.

2. Steve Spagnuolo: Spags came to the Rams with the "cred" of having designed a Super Bowl winning defense. Now, his impact in St. Louis is evident. From year one to year two, his defense went from 29th to 19th, and points allowed dropped from 27.2 per game to 20.5. This helped the team go from 1 win to 7 in a single year. I think its safe to say that Spas is starting to develop some "cred" as a Head Coach.

3. Josh McDaniels: Despite his failings as a Head Coach, I think many players on the offensive side of the ball would love to play for a dynamic and creative OC like McDaniels. For a WR (the Rams' biggest need), one need only look at how players like Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd thrived under McDaniels to find a reason to gravitate towards St. Louis.

4. Sam Bradford: One of the most common cliche's in the NFL these days is "its a quarterback driven league." If that's the case, the Rams have to be regarded as an up and coming team. Sam Bradford is a draw for FAs. There can be no doubt about that.

5. The NFC West: Nothing wrong with going to a team that plays in a division where 8-8 can mean a playoff birth. At this point, the rest of the division is one QB bust away from years of futility.

So, dare to dream, Rams fans. When agents hear "Billy Devaney is on line one," you can bet they will be taking the call.