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    Re: With the 52nd pick, St. Louis selects Brian Leonard, FB, Rutgers

    Quote Originally Posted by z.nrd View Post
    They could be in the same backfield sometimes but mostly it will be the 1A/1B set up.
    Personally I'm not convinced going to a true two-back system in the mold of Chicago/Indy/Dallas/Jacksonville/Miami ('05) is the best way to utilize our Pro Bowl tailback.

    Yes, Jackson would like someone to help him in the backfield, but that's probably because he was getting over 81% of the team's carries and the next highest was Davis at less than 10%. I think though there's a difference between finding someone to help handle the load with your feature back and going full-blown two-back system, the latter of which usually involves a sharp decrease in carries and carry percentage (down to around 60% based on stats of those other teams in 2006). The only way to keep the number of carries up while reducing the percentage of carries is to drastically increase our total number of running plays in 2007. Given the number of weapons we have in the passing game, I'm not sure I see that happening.

    I don't think you'll find anyone who doesn't think we should have added a running back this weekend. The real question though is where should that running back have come from. Leonard in the mid to late second round is fine value IMO; in fact that's the area I had him going in my final mock. The position I'm coming from though is that even if Linehan wanted to go into more of a two-back running attack, that doesn't mean you have to spend a high pick on your second back. For example, Dallas found their 1B-back (Barber) in the fourth round.

    I understand the appeal that Leonard brings, I like the guy as a football player quite a bit, and I love the toughness and character he brings to the Rams. But as you often said about Jenkins, Branch, and Okoye and our DT position, he's not the only guy in this draft that could have given Linehan a 1B if that's what he wants. In the end, I think Linehan and the Rams just really got tunnel vision with Leonard and wanted him as their guy. Therefore, they may have chose to pass on some other players in order to take him. If you do your homework and really feel good about a guy, I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with that strategy, and as I said I like what Leonard brings to the backfield.

    But personally, while I think we definitely came out well with Leonard, I think we may have come out even better overall as a team had we gone another direction in the second round, say DE Crowder or Abiamiri (whom I really like) and then in the third round look at a RB like Hunt or even Pittman. Maybe Hunt or Pittman don't offer as much versatility as Leonard in terms of being able to do some FB or H-Back stuff, but I think both would given Linehan that second back he may want, and we also would have been able to add a defensive end that I think we need, especially after announcing that Carriker is moving inside.

    Just my $0.02.

    Quote Originally Posted by RebelYell View Post
    You guys must have discounted James Hall as a non-factor for this team.
    I don't think anyone has discounted James Hall. The problem is we also haven't discounted that he only played seven games last season and just turned 30 years old this spring. We're also not discounting the fact that, with Carriker moving inside to tackle, the only other "active roster caliber" DE on this team behind Little and Hall is Adeyaju. IMO, we certainly could have used some immediate depth that has the potential to develop into a starter, and I feel a prospect that fits that description was available in the second round.

    Who knows though. Maybe Hall stays healthy and we never need our third DE, and then we come back in 2008 and take a stud in round one. I just hope we find a way to utilize Leonard enough to make him worth a second round pick while also not finding ourselves in a position where we need some more help on the edge of our defensive line.

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    Re: With the 52nd pick, St. Louis selects Brian Leonard, FB, Rutgers

    Quote Originally Posted by KingHigh View Post
    Actually, a very good comparison would be Steven Jackson. Same size and speed and skill set. Leonard is also an exceptional blocker.

    When people say that Leonard is like "Mike Alstott" I literally vomit into my mouth...

    Whoa! No need for that KH!

    I was one of the first to bring up Alstott's name somewhat in paralell to Leonard. But that doesn't mean I think Brian "looks" like or "plays" like Mike. I simply think that our new RB may end up being a running game factor that compares in productivity to that of Alstott or Rathman, the other back I had referred to a couple of days ago.

    That's what I sort of envision, RB Leonard and FB Hedgecock (my comparison to a Rathman / Alstott duo) helping Jackson ram through the scrimmage line. As mentioned elsewhere here and in the Rams web site, I too see Leonard playing more as a RB than as a FB.

    I seriously believe already that your man Leonard brings quality and quantity to the Rams running game and that he will soon be a force. It's no wonder that Coach Linehan is already anticipating considerable contribution from the former Scarlet Knight, saying:

    I really believe he will be our No. 2 running back by early in the season.

    Very glad you joined us here, KingHigh and as a RAM! :r

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    Re: With the 52nd pick, St. Louis selects Brian Leonard, FB, Rutgers

    I think we will put a few two back sets into our offense, but I see Leonard being used to spell Jackson in our typical one back sets to keep Jackson fresh for the later part of the game. Jackson himself indicated he would welcome that kind of assistance to extend his career and improve his numbers. You'll probably see him on any down, not necessarily short yardage or obvious running play, at least that would be the smart use of him to keep the defense guessing.

    An Allstot comparison doesn't impress me, but a Riggins comparison does. Never seen the boy play, so I'm anxious for this preseason to see what he's all about. I admittedly was cold to this selection when first announced. As I read about the young man I am warming up to the selection. What I like most about him is his toughness, work ethic, and character.

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    Re: With the 52nd pick, St. Louis selects Brian Leonard, FB, Rutgers

    Brian lives about an hour away from my house. This is gonna be great!

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    Re: With the 52nd pick, St. Louis selects Brian Leonard, FB, Rutgers

    Whoever supported the Leonard pick in the 2nd round must not realize that we were 30th against the run and Fakir Brown (who) is our starting r is what it is now.....any thoughts on getting the rights to least if he doesnt takle you in the game, he can shoot you in the parking stops the run with a quikness....but he can be bought at a bargain....thoughts

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