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    Re: 5th rounder from Dallas to Tennessee for Pacman?

    Quote Originally Posted by txramsfan View Post
    Varg makes a good point. Are we rooting for the Rams or the choir boys? I'm not thrilled with his antics either, but c'mon it's not like Pacman is running for Congress or anything (which lately he would fit in with that crowd much better than the NFL). If the Rams could keep him away from the East side fine, but that may be liking asking any Governor of NY if they don't cheat on their wife.
    I don't think it's too much to ask for a guy to not get arrested. He said he went to that strip club the night before meeting with the commissioner because he "wanted to eat somewhere". That's BS, he would only get in to more trouble, and I don't think fans would be happy when we find out by week 3 he has been suspended indefinitely.

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    Re: 5th rounder from Dallas to Tennessee for Pacman?

    I will agree with a number of people that his punishment to be still suspended is unfair. While he was still undergoing the criminal process for all of his various offenses it made sense to suspend him. But now he is free from all legal issues for now and has not made too much noise other than wanting to be reinstated.

    That said, how long is it going to be before he finds himself in trouble again? I mean, this guy has something like 15 arrests since coming into the league in what, 2005? He creates legal troubles, and I think it's a desperate need for attention. Look at what he did when he wasn't playing football. He wrestled. Just so that he could get back in the headlines. He's a worse version of Ocho Cinco. He loves to see his name in the papers and on Sportscenter. He craves it. If we picked him up and we have a bad year, he'll go crazy.

    Pacman needs to be the face of the franchise in his mind. He needs to be the front man. The Titans go and get Vince Young, and Hanesworth gets suspended, so he goes and gets suspended himself through off the field events. He gets a lot more press that way. What will he do here in St Louis, where there's a hockey team, and a baseball team and franchise players like Jackson, Holt, Bulger and soon to be Chris Long?

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    Re: 5th rounder from Dallas to Tennessee for Pacman?

    Quote Originally Posted by BM_Face View Post
    Pacman is a no-go. His bad behaviour and lack of self-control resonate through the locker-room. Nothing he could do on the field would balance his rotton character. I despise "Pacman". He is a piece of human garbage.
    Hey,BM_Face what do you really think of Pacman ? I would tend to agree

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    Re: 5th rounder from Dallas to Tennessee for Pacman?

    Total waisteof time and space , and he might be a talented CB , but he is too damn stupid to get out of his own way when he's driving the dummy bus .

    if the rams would have traded for him i would have no faith or respect for anyone in that front office , included would be the owners.

    as for the COWBOYS , i pretty much see them and the RAIDERS as the bottom feeders of the NFL . 2 owners with a chip on their shoulder , and a few billion dollars to throw around brings these kinds of players .

    The COWBOYS and RAIDERS can keep their silver helmets ,, we will stay with the GOLDEN HORNS .

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    Re: 5th rounder from Dallas to Tennessee for Pacman?

    Well, as Jim Rome likes to say..."nothing good can happen at a strip club at 3 AM". I can appreciate the need for protein but I'm sure there is a Waffle House open somewhere don't you think?

    Pacman is a very talented CB, much better than anyone on our team. I'd be torn. I want to win, so if I were the GM I would seriously have to think about this one.

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