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    keith m. klink Guest

    7rounder , with 2 weeks to go.

    Even with the speculation that we might get Kris Jenkins , that does not change the fact that we still need more D-LINE help , and that does not change my opinion that i think we still need 2 -DE's and 2-DT's in this i gave it another try, i liked my first 7rd draft. but with HARRELL moving up , and some others shuffling up and down, this in my II version. please tell me what you think , i take all of your comments seriously to try to better my boards for my draft party.
    1st- #13 - ADAM CARRIKER -DE
    2ND-#52- TANK TYLER -DT
    4TH-#117- STEPHAN NICHOLAS-OLB/ to play SS
    7s - #248-DESHAWN WYNN -RB
    7s - #249- CHRIS DENMAN -OT

    now i know that the RB and OT positioning in the draft might be a little low for some of you , and the 4th rd pick of NICLOLAS a olb, to play SS. might not be something that you would do. but in my opinion , and this is my opinion, FREE AGENCY seemed to bring in enought offensive weapons to go heavy on what we need , and i think that is to pump up the center of the defensive field with good talent and players that could help us this year, whether it be starters - sub's , or some special team play. i believe the first seven on this list can make the team and contribute in some way. so get the knife and start cuttin me up boy's. 2 weeks to go. KK

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    Re: 7rounder , with 2 weeks to go.

    First two rounds look fine. Personally I'm not sure Carriker is there but that's very much up in the air. Tyler should be there for us in round two, IMO. He's been steadily slipping most of this offseason.

    The middle and later rounds is where I have questions though. I would be really surprised through if Craig Davis is available in the mid third round. I have him going a full round earlier. As for Nicholas, I'm not sure why we use a mid round pick on a LB we're converting to safety when we already have one in Alston.

    As for Warren, I think it's too early for him. His workouts were pretty unimpressive. Reports vary on Antonio Johnson, but a couple of sources seem to have him creeping up boards to where he could go early Day Two. Some don't even have him drafted. I'm tempted to think he's not there in round seven for us.

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    MASSIVE Guest

    Re: 7rounder , with 2 weeks to go.

    I really like the first two rounds, but after that I think it needs some work. I don't know about taking another LB and trying to convert him to a SS but if the guy is a demon on Special teams then its OK.

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    Re: 7rounder , with 2 weeks to go.

    I would be very happy if that's how our first 3 rounds played out. I do not like the Nichols or Wynn pick b/c Wynn is injury prone and couldn't help out in the return game as much as other 7th round picks could. As for Nichols, he can't cover very well and doesn't have enough talent for a 4th round pick IMO.

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    Re: 7rounder , with 2 weeks to go.

    Tyler is Okay, I suppose... Value meets need. But we took a risky player (actually, we two TWO) in Wroten and Byrd last year. Look how Byrd worked out...

    I agree with Nick about Nicholas, and I'd probably prefer to see a LB or some OL depth in rounds three and 4.

    And it's tough to guage where we'll go RB, too.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: 7rounder , with 2 weeks to go.

    good feedback guy's. sometimes some of us just want to put up guy's who could go at that spot because we kinda like them a bit. as for TYLER, i really only did that for the guy's her because they like him so much, i myself would take TURK MCBRIDE , he has a good motor , strong , good size , ans he is an under the radar player that i think could be a value at our 2nd rd pick. and NICK was right aboutNICKOLAS , the olb , to play SS. but i thought that the rams were no longer going to us alston at any safety position, and move him to a olb/ rusher hybrid this year. so i thought that an olb/ss guy would be valuable. on maney boards , they have many players sliding up and down. i was just trying so set players who could fit , into places i thought they could slide to . thanks again , after reading your thought on this , i went back to work , and i made a new 7rd based on (WHAT I THOUGHT )the rams should do , not taking anyone elses thoughts on this .


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