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    Aaron brown college highlights

    can check him out here. Aaron Brown HighLights - YouTube Seems a little undersized but his speed, techniques, and awareness are good. Keep in mind he is playing the WAC, but does stand out from the rest.

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    Re: Aaron brown college highlights

    guy looks quick. always got a soft spot for a UH warrior... hope he does well and sticks

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    Re: Aaron brown college highlights

    Im not impressed, i didnt finish the vid and counted about 5 tackles where he didnt wrap up and more than that were he made a tackle holding on to a guys leg. At about 6:50 when the vid slows down he has a clear shot at the guy to take him down, but he didnt wrap up and help came so the guy went down, that wont fly in the nfl. And he's weak at the point of contact. Watch how many times he gets slung around making a tackle instead of redirecting the ball carrier with the initial hit. JL is the same way as far as that goes but he wont make it far here with not wrapping up.

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    Re: Aaron brown college highlights

    The Rams' personnel at WILL linebacker is so weak (no pun intended) that he'll get a shot. If the defensive line can keep bodies off of him and allow him to play in space, he could be solid. But he doesn't look like a guy who is going to fight through a well placed block to make a play; he got shoved around quite a bit in that video.

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