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oh God!! It just completely sunk in.. BRUUUUUUUUUUCCE will no longer be a ram or cheered by our fans at the dome. Tell me.. if i cheer for bruce when we play the 9ers does that make me a bad ram fan?
No, it doesn't. I'm a 9ers fan (don't worry, I fully respect the Rams and I look forward to the two games every year. Those games are easily my two favorite of the season, regardless of who wins. The 9ers\Rams rivalry is my favorite in football).

I felt the same way when SF let Jerry go and he signed with Oakland (can't stand the Raiders). Even though I hate the Raiders, I still rooted for Jerry.

I really wish the NFL would do something to prevent situations like this from happening. Players like Bruce, Rice, Emmitt Smith should finish their careers with their teams, not get released for financial reasons. Its a crying shame