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ive seen too many conflicting reports to get a good picture of Branch. however what i do know is that he is a big man and that if he is there at 13 i either run up and turn the crad in with his name on it right away or spend the first 14 minutes of our selection time jumping up and down in celebration
If he's there at 13, by all means, take him. He won't be, but if by some freak chance he is, take him.

We have a very special opportunity tonight. Nick has managed to secure the services of Scott Wright in our chatroom. Personally, I hold up Wright as one of the top draftniks anywhere in the world. I say all that for two reasons:

1. You have to be in our chatroom tonight. You will repeatedly punch yourself in the face if you miss this opportunity.

2. Wright has Branch as the best DT (not just NT, but DT) option on the board. And he still has him going in the top 10.

So, if Branch is there when we pick, get him. However, I would be lying if I said the nearly verbatim descriptions of Branch and Kennedy didn't concern me a little.