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    Albert Haynesworth....Discussion only

    With the sudden Albert Haynesworth events occurring with the Washington Redskins, would the Rams organization as well as rams fans be receptive to any idea of a trade and or acquiring this player.

    Factors to consider in a trade as well are Marc Bulger, Jason Campbell, as well as draft positions in the 2010 draft. It is obvious Albert Haynesworth has not lived up to expectations in Washington, so could they be looking for a way out of this huge contract? He certainly appears to be very unhappy in Washington

    I am in no way wishing for the Rams to blow 100 million on this guy, but is there any combination of events that could occurr for Haynesworth to become a Ram.

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    Re: Albert Haynesworth....Discussion only

    no not when we can get suh whos younger and better upside right now

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    Re: Albert Haynesworth....Discussion only

    While he'd be a nice player to have, I'd prefer Suh at this point. Even if Suh didn't exist, I don't think the Rams are in any position to be trading away the solid players or picks that would be required for Haynesworth. You asked if there was any combination of events where he's a Ram, and IMO the only way that happens is if he's cut, and really wanted to sign with the Rams for cheap. Short of that, I don't see it happening.

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    Re: Albert Haynesworth....Discussion only

    Highly unlikely, this would happen. Haynesworth going into his second year getting traded would be a huge cap hit for the skins.

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    Re: Albert Haynesworth....Discussion only

    Yeah, it won't happen. Their head coach is on his way out, so I bet they bring in someone else who matches his style of play, as selfish as that is.

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    Re: Albert Haynesworth....Discussion only

    The cap ramifications for moving a player after signing him to such a huge deal would make any move impossible to orchestrate. Even if there isn't a cap, I can't imagine any owner being happy about shelling out tens of millions in guaranteed money only to ship the guy off the following year.

    Put this one in the "Won't Happen" column, IMO.

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    Re: Albert Haynesworth....Discussion only

    Do the Rams even have the money for this guy?

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    Re: Albert Haynesworth....Discussion only

    I live in the DC area and the skins fans would love to see Haynesworth go. The fans and local media feel he showed up and remains out of shape. He plays around 60% of plays when healthy. He easily gets winded and is MIA when a big push or stop is needed. Also, add the fact that he gets injured easily and on many occasions the guy is carted off the field only to return a few plays later. The guy falls down injured without being touched.

    Why would the Rams want this guy and the high dollar salary?

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