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    Andre Smith - how talented is he?

    Being from the UK i dont get to hear or see a lot of these draft guys in college. Now prior to the combine, Andre Smith was a consensus top 3 draft pick, and every mock had him going to the Rams. He has dropped due to supposed character concerns, although they werent bad things liks drug taking or anything, just him reportedly doing weird things at the combine.

    Talentwise, how does he compare to someone like Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe?

    Im only asking because a lot of reports are saying that Andre Smith probably hasnt fallen as some people think, and its questionable whether any of his character concerns are legitimate enough to actually drop him down too far in the eyes of NFL execs. With BD coming out recently and saying that each case is looked at separately and that only major problems with arrests or illegal substance taking will definitely affect the teams choice, would it be surprising if the Rams took Andre Smith?

    so what do you think?

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    Re: Andre Smith - how talented is he?

    i think if they traded down a couple of spots then theyd take Andre Smith over any of the other OT`s that they may be considering taking at the 2nd overall spot..

    i realise that may sound confusing..why would they consider taking Monroe at 2 but then take Andre Smith over him at say 8...

    well,i`ll explain...i think Andre Smith is the most dominant O-lineman in this 2nd overall..a lot of GM`s often make their pick heavily influenced by fear of failing..e.g. picking up a bust.
    at say 8th...teams are more inclined to pick prospects who have big talent but might be deemed a bit of a risky pick...also if they traded down to 8th they would get extra picks somewhere else in the draft so could say go Andre Smith and another OT later on as a bit of insurance...(i think the Rams will draft 2 OT`s anyway)

    Monroe is the safe pick out of the OT`s...he would be a capable LT in the NFL of that theres very little doubt...but if you looking for who id bet on having an H.O.F career then Andre Smith would get my vote..maybe as an LT,RT maybe as a guard..but nonetheless he IMHO is the only O-lineman who has the skills to be an H.O.Famer...the others can hold their own against their opponent but Andre is the one who can flat out destroy his opponent.

    theres question marks over if he has the maturity and even if he can play LT in the NFL but somewhere along the line he is gonna be a beast..i think if he played Guard he could possibly be as good if not even better than Steve Hutchison..and for that i would personally spend a top 10 pick on that dominant an OG..especially as we seem to be shifting emphasis to a power running game.but im not sure if Billy D feels that way about him..
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    Re: Andre Smith - how talented is he?

    I think his is a case of a lot of bad things adding up. First he gets suspended, and it's allegedly over contact with an agent. But then he says that the suspension was not related to contact with an agent, and for some reason he waits until almost right before the Combine to sign one. Then he shows up out of shape because he apparently hadn't been working out since the end of the regular season.

    I think scouts are just getting the impression that he's one of those guys who has so much talent he's never really had to work that hard. From what I gather, his technique isn't that sharp, and his work habits clearly need improvement. It's not a question as to how good he is now, so much as it is how good he's going to be, and there are probably a lot of teams thinking what you see now is about what you can expect.

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