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    Another Mock draft on Rototimes

    What do you think of this?

    One of the most popular fan events on the annual NFL calendar is the NFL College Draft. This yearly ritual to divvy up the college pool of eligible players is followed by hundreds of thousands of football fans nationwide. Books are written. Magazines have feature articles. Hundreds of web sites predict who will go where and why.

    Fans of NFL teams watch with baited breath as ESPN, which started the draft craze back in the 70's, spends the entire day Saturday speculating then critiquing each pick made. Fans of each of the 32 teams cheer or jeer as their team picks.

    While it's ridiculous to get to high or low by any pick since it may be years before we really know whether it was a wise choice or not, we still live or die with each selection by "our team".

    As I read through volumes of Mock Drafts as I do every year, it's clear once again that the experts are projecting the draft based on team needs, instead of what you hear every year from the teams: "We took the "best player available."

    The way it really goes is much more complicated, of course. Many teams do take the Best Player Available. Others will at times draft for specific needs. Others will fall in love with a player based on what the saw at an All-Star game, or at the combine or maybe in a private workout. The truth is, no one can accurately predict every team's thought process.

    With that said, I'm going to take a shot at it -- and why not, everyone else has. I will be more bold, however, and also predict trades I think may occur. So, here is my "educated" opinion of how the first round will go.

    2005 NFL Draft

    First round

    1. San Francisco - Alex Smith QB, Utah
    The ***** run the clock almost to the last second trying to trade this pick and get more draft choices. No one's willing to ante up so they pick the QB that is willing to sign the most cap friendly deal.

    2. Tampa Bay - Ronnie Brown RB, Auburn
    Gruden pulls the trigger on a deal to get the player they covet.

    3. Minnesota - Braylon Edwards WR, Michigan
    The Vikings swap positions with Cleveland and give up a second-round pick to secure the successor to Randy Moss.

    4. Chicago - Cedric Benson RB, Texas
    Da Bears get the guy they wanted all along.

    5. Miami - Carnell Williams RB, Auburn
    Miami, in desperate need of draft picks, traded down and still gets the running back they need to replace their last Williams.

    6. Tennessee - Antrel Rolle CB, Miami
    Once again, a team gets the player they wanted who just happens to fit a need.

    7. Cleveland - Derrick Johnson OLB, Texas
    They traded down from the 2nd selection to #7 and still get what may be the best player in the draft. Excellent job.

    8. Arizona - Carlos Rogers CB, Auburn
    Having missed on getting the RB they wanted, they opt for Plan B. They select a CB with great coverage ability and trade with Buffalo for Travis Henry.

    9. Kansas City - Adam Jones CB, West Virginia
    The Chiefs move up six spots to grab the best coverage man in the draft. Vermeil then cries to the media as he extols the team's good fortune in obtaining this player.

    10. Detroit - Darryl Blackstock LB, Virginia
    While knowing the odds were slim, they had hoped Derrick Johnson would fall to them in this spot. With that having failed to happen, they make the first reach in the draft.

    11. Dallas - Shawne Merriman DE/LB, Maryland
    Merriman will make the Cowboy faithful merry. They got their man.

    12. San Diego - Erasmus James DE, Wisconsin
    Much to the surprise of many, the Chargers use the first of their two first round picks on Jones, rather than a pure speed rushing DE or a wide receiver.

    13. Houston - Alex Barron OT, Florida State
    After losing Orlando Pace, whom they thought they had a deal with, they procure their left tackle in the draft.

    14. Carolina - Troy Williamson WR, South Carolina
    Carolina surprises no one with the selection of the big and speedy WR from the Game****s. With Steve Smith coming back from an injury and Muhammed moving to Chicago, this was a definite "need" pick.

    15. Washington - Mike Williams WR, USC
    Trading down eight spots with the Chiefs worked perfectly. They get a player that really helps the team and some additional picks in later rounds.

    16. New Orleans - Brodney Pool S, Oklahoma
    In a somewhat surprise, the Saints take Pool over the other top rated safety, Thomas Davis. Pool has great instincts and should help at once.

    17. Cincinnati - Travis Johnson DT, Florida State
    Just what they needed, a run stuffer for the defensive line than that can also push the pocket.

    18. Minnesota - Marcus Spears DE, LSU
    Having already filed the WR hole, they turn to defense. This pick will please the Viking faithful.

    19. St. Louis - Thomas Davis S, Georgia
    Every mock Draft expects this pick to me OT Jammal Brown. However, the Rams will take Davis, whom they have rated a bit higher on their draft board. Besides, they feel this draft has more OL depth than safety depth.

    20. Dallas - Jammal Brown OT, Oklahoma
    The Cowboys to a DE/LB at #11, they now solidify the offensive line with a stud right tackle.

    21. Jacksonville - Khalif Barnes OT, Washington
    This is the player the fans want since no top CB made it this far.

    22. Baltimore - Mark Clayton WR, Oklahoma
    The Ravens are dancing in their draft room. In all their mock draft scenarios, never did they expect this pro-ready WR to still be on the board.

    23. Seattle - Marlin Jackson CB, Michigan
    No question about it, the Seahawks drafted for need. Some will say they reached, but Jackson should start right away.

    24. Green Bay - Demarcus Ware DE/LB, Troy State
    This is a "Best Player Available" pick that just happens to fill a need. Packers management can't believe he fell to the 24 pick for them.

    25. Washington - David Pollack DE, Georgia
    A hard worker with a "never stop" motor will be a nice upgrade for this under-achieving DL. May help fire up others on the front seven.

    26. Oakland - Heath Miller TE, Virginia
    The Raiders trade TE Jolley and picks to get this first-round pick. They then draft a tight end that they think will be the final peice to the offensive puzzle. Look for the rest of the draft to be mostly Defense.

    27. Atlanta - Luis Castillo DT, Northwestern
    In a bit of a surprise, the Falcons gamble that is man-child can stay health and be the dominate inside presence they need.

    28. San Diego - Matt Jones WR, Arkansas
    WR is a huge need, and while there might be surer things, they can't resist the idea of adding his height and speed to that of TE Antonio Gates. Could be an unstoppable duo.

    29. Indianapolis - Dan Cody DE, Oklahoma
    They need defense, defense and more defense. Decide to start with the line.

    30. Pittsburgh - Justin Miller CB, Clemson
    This team has no real needs for a starter. So depth is in mind and they take whom they feel is the best player on their draft board.

    31. Philadelphia - Shaun Cody DE/DT, USC
    The Eagles had wanted Matt Jones but were unable to trade up to get him. In what may turn out to be the best deal NOT made, they settle for Cody who turns into a starter.

    32. New England - Channing Crowder LB, Florida
    With the interior linebackers in somewhat of disarray, the take the player best suited to fill in right away if needed.

    Three players that were expected to be drafted in the first round -- Aaron Rodgers QB, Matt Roth DE and Roddy White WR -- all slip out based on my projections.

    So is this the way it will happen? My guess is as good as any.

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    Re: Another Mock draft on Rototimes

    There is no way in the world that the Saints will pass on Davis and take Pool.

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    Re: Another Mock draft on Rototimes

    I am thinking the Rams will go Defense after Atlanta thoroughly embarrassed us by running the ball down our throats all day long. To make matters worse, the next week Philly shut down Atlanta's Running game completely.

    I think our Front office has our Defensive woes first and foremost on their minds.
    Just my opinion.

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    Re: Another Mock draft on Rototimes

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Soprano
    I am thinking the Rams will go Defense after Atlanta thoroughly embarrassed us by running the ball down our throats all day long. To make matters worse, the next week Philly shut down Atlanta's Running game completely.

    I think our Front office has our Defensive woes first and foremost on their minds.
    Just my opinion.
    Carolina ran us out of last year's playoffs, and we responded by taking a RB. Even with our poor performance against Atlanta, I'd still say our biggest need is RT, and unless something weird happens between 1-18, Brown will be the BPA as well.


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