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    Dominating D Guest

    Another possible scenario

    What if the Dolphins do not make a pick and put the Rams on the clock?

    It seems the Dolphins would be happy with both Longs or Dorsey and some have speculated that Parcells may have a trick up his sleeve. He maybe willing to put the Rams on the clock draft second and save a few dollars.

    If you were the Rams what would you do in that situation?

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    Re: Another possible scenario

    I have heard this, I don't think they will do it, but if they did. Take calls for a trade. If you don't get what you like take C. Long.

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    Re: Another possible scenario

    We could always do the same and put Atlanta on the clock. We'd still get one of the top 4.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Another possible scenario

    Thats just nuts ! just keep dropping till you get to the spending range you want ? I'm sure the players AGENT will have him run right up and sign that contract . " NOT "

    IF THE FINS balk at the first pick , the RAMS take LONG . i'm not telling which one .

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    smizzhfx Guest

    Re: Another possible scenario

    Either way, if the Dolphins take Jake Long, he's going to demand 1st overall pick money.

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    Re: Another possible scenario

    Quote Originally Posted by Dominating D View Post
    What if the Dolphins do not make a pick and put the Rams on the clock?
    I can't see them doing that if they are trying to get a player signed before they pick. More likely they are still trying to find a way to trade out .. Whatever they do, it probably won't be revealed until the last minute.

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