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    Another what if regarding Suh

    I am starting to hate this. What if this or what if this but I wanted some feedback on this.

    If the Rams select Suh how would you guys feel if the Rams went after

    Colt Brennan
    Born : August 16, 1983
    Hometown : Laguna Beach, CA
    Height : 6 foot 3
    Weight : 196 lbs.

    I believe he could be added to the Rams roster for a low draft pick since Rex Grossman has been added to the skins roster with Campbell. He has experience in the West Coast offense. He has a good arm and is very competitive.

    Go Rams

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    Re: Another what if regarding Suh

    Brennan hasn't been able to stay healthy or emerge as a back-up in Washington, so I'm not sure how much upside he has as a potential starter and long-term answer here.
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    Re: Another what if regarding Suh

    I'd prefer Graham Harrell to Brennan and last I checked he was in the CFL. Either way I'd be all for it. I think those qbs from pass happy college teams deserve a chance in the NFL and Brennan was doing pretty good in the preseason last year

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    Re: Another what if regarding Suh

    I'd rather continue with Null.

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    Bralidore(RAMMODE) Guest

    Re: Another what if regarding Suh

    I'd serisouly would rather keep Null and have him start than get some other guy like that.


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