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The reason that Parcells was able to make the trades he did was because he knew he could get good players for his schemes for cheap because Jerry Jones wasn't enamored with them and weren't brought in by Wade Phillips. Now, I'm sure Spags knew of some players that wouldn't be resigned(Butler), however, there was no regime change in New York, and so why would they get rid of players for no good reason?

The Falcons turned it around and made no trades of note. Did Baltimore make any trades? Trades are indeed becoming more and more frequent, however, theya re not the end all, be all judge of an offseason, just as free agent pick ups aren't either.

I'm rather impressed by what we have done this offseason, because we focused on getting a few players who are young and on their way up as opposed to those already in their prime or past it(McMichael and Chavous). We focused on getting players who will make our schemes work and we'll do that in the draft as well, I'm sure.
Yea your right

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So far we have done pretty well in free agency. Were getting younger which is good. Clearing some dollars in the cap also a good move. Just remember Rome wasnít built in a day. Have some patience. I think we are going to have to turn this thing around a little before your big time free agents start to look at us. As far as trading goes in todayís NFL itís not easy to make deals. Especially when we really donít have anything of value we can afford to give up.
Nice metaphor

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This is the NFL, not Madden! This has been an extremely active off-season.

I just thought that the dolphins whent from 1-15 to win there division so they set an exaple of what underacheiving football teams should do. Well i get the point in our own way we had a great off-season so far and we did not get the old veteran fill-ins. So yea yall are right.

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