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Thread: Arrelious Benn

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    Arrelious Benn

    I don't see why everybody is so high on Benn as a 2nd rounder. I think he was very overrated at Illinois. He didn't have a great QB with Juice Williams, but I still don't think we should go after him with only 7 career TDs. I would much rather get Damian Williams, who played in a WCO last year and is a much more polished route runner. What does everybody else think?

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    The Optimistic Lamb Guest

    Re: Arrelious Benn

    I dont see what the draft guru's see in Benn either.

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    Re: Arrelious Benn

    I'd rather have Damian Williams also. Doesn't mean Benn isn't going to be a stud though. When I look at a WR I want 3 things. Premier route running, good hands and a strong work ethic. I have no idea if Williams has the work ethic but he has the other two.

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    Re: Arrelious Benn

    To answer alot of questions about Benn -- here are reasons why you SHOULD take him in round 2.

    1. No health problem (many other WR's couldn't perform at combine or skipped/didn't perform well.

    2. Solid combine numbers in speed, strength, and agility

    3. A good blocker & route runner

    4. Not a diva

    5. Great athlete that can catch over the middle

    Benn is very similiar to Anquan Boldin.

    He only 2 weaknesses are that his hands need to improve and he played with horrible QB's that didn't run a pro style.

    I think he is one of the best athletes in the entire draft.

    Many people have even seen him play enough. He really shows his power and blocking that could be a big help to our running game and explosivness on offense.

    TOP 5 WR in this draft without a doubt -- probably top 3.

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    Bralidore(RAMMODE) Guest

    Re: Arrelious Benn

    third round guy for our team and our needs. Then again just about every receiver is a third round guy or i think should be for the Rams because its not as big a need as a pass rusher or playmaking linebacker is.

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    molar_pistol Guest

    Re: Arrelious Benn

    we have too many other needs imo...if there's a guy we're sure is a true #1 receiver (benn or williams would both be possibilities in the 2nd) then maybe we take him, but the last thing we need is another #2 receiver in round 2.

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    The Optimistic Lamb Guest

    Re: Arrelious Benn

    Yah we have too many needs. Either we grab a star WR who slips into the 2nd. Or we grab a depth player in the 4th or 5th. Andre Roberts, Dezmon Briscoe, Jordan Shipley, Jacoby Ford... could one of these guys fall that far? I think there's a chance.

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    Re: Arrelious Benn

    I prefer Damian Williams over Benn anyday.

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    SLSG Guest

    Re: Arrelious Benn

    I would rather get an OLB or a pass rushing DE in rd 2. If we don't start pressuring the QB, the D will always blow.

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