Buchsbaum was the best , always will be, because of the tools he had available, and the time he had to spend all by himself to know all the players he did. No one will ever again work that hard for so little money, which makes Joel the "king" of draftniks, Abraham in thick glasses and a Brooklyn accent.

I would sit by the radio and hour before he was going to be on KMOX with Bill Wilkerson, who I actually had the honor to do a radio show with regarding the draft, just me, Bill and Jim Holder, two of my idols growing up a St Louis sports fan.

Wilkerson never learned to pronounce Joels last name either, always saying "bush-bomb", when the ch is pronounced like a K.

I still have many treasured 1970s and 1980s copies on his "Scouts Notebook", as well as all the early Kiper books.