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    B Dub's 2010 mock draft

    So we just lost to the Packers and after that lose itz time to do a 2010 mock draft.

    Round 1: Tim Tebow QB, Florida 6-3 235 pounds
    Alternate Pick: Dez Bryant

    If we pick inside the top 7 its going to be a QB. If not i think we go Dez Bryant.

    Analysis: Billy D and Spags are building toward a bigger more physical football team. Tebow is 6-3 235 and is a physical runner. The reason i have Tebow is because Pat Shurmur looked more comfortable with a mobile QB behind center. Also something about Tebow yea scouts say his game might not transfer well to the nfl but leadership and work ethic will drive Tebow to live up to potential. And no Tebow wont just be a wildcat QB. I think Bulger stays for next year and Tebow will be waiting in the wings.

    Round 2: Brandan Lafell WR, LSU 6-3 209 pounds
    Alternate Pick: Brandan Graham DE

    If Benn, Bryant, and williams out of USC all declare Lafell might drop all the way to the 2nd round. But that is still up in the air so DE Graham is a solid pick.

    Analysis: Bigger more physical is the motto of the Rams new regime. Brandan Lafell is a big physical WR. He would make a solid #2. We have to wait and see on Laurant Robinson but if he can emerge as a go-to target we can use Lafell as #2 and Avery as #3. But if Lafell is off the board we can take a 270 pound pass rushing LE Graham. He can start in the sub packages on the DL and later start across Chris Long. But Graham can flat out get penetration.

    Round 3: Matt Reynolds OT/OG 6-6 320 pounds
    Alternate pick: John Jerry OG

    I put Matt Reynolds there but im not sure he will declare.

    Analysis: Reynolds is a good OL. That is solid vs. the Run and pass. He can be used as a guard or a Tackle. He is basically a utility OL. John Jerry is a huge guard 6-5 350 pounds. He is very physical vs. the run. His pass protection is iffy thou. But he would be a solid pick if Bell cant block well we can drop him and start Jerry or Reynolds.

    Round 4: Jermaine Cunningham DE Florida 6-3 250 pounds

    Analysis: Plays opposite Carlos Dunlap. He is a situational pass rusher. He is destined to be Little's replacement.

    Round 5: Colin Peek TE Alabama 6-6 255 pounds

    Analysis: Blocking TE. Bajema is only signed for a year. Mcmichael is out. And we can use Fells as the receiving TE and Peek as the blocking TE.

    Round 6: Myron Rolle S Florida State 6-2 218 pounds

    Analysis: We need some depth at saftey. Yea Rolle chose academics over athletics but he can run a 4-4 40 at 6-2. He can probably help us on special teams.

    Round 7: Vinny Rey LB Duke 6-0 245 pounds

    Analysis: wrap-up tackler. We need depth at LB so here is that pick.

    Round 7: Sherrick McManis CB northwestern 6-1 190 pounds

    Analysis: well hopefully he can be better than tye hill

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    Re: B Dub's 2010 mock draft

    Heisman trophy winners frighten me.

    I think Charles Woodson's the last one who actually had a truly successful NFL career. Carson Palmer,Reggie Bush and Ron Dayne are kind of meh, and certainly have not played to the level they were drafted at, but they are the next closest after him.

    I think the last truly good Heisman QB to go to be successful in the NFL would Flutie. Maybe Ty Detmer.

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    Re: B Dub's 2010 mock draft

    Appreciate the effort, but I can't say I'm a fan of this mock.

    Tebow simply does not display the fundamentals required to be an NFL quarterback. His best tools aren't as a passer but rather his ability to run. That's not what you're looking for in a Top 10 QB pick. It's unlikely that he'll make many contributions throwing the ball for a couple of seasons simply because he'll have to be reworked completely - footwork, vision, accuracy, progressions. Tebow may sneak into the first round after wowing scouts and personnel people in interviews, but I'd be incredibly disappointed if the Rams spend a high first round pick on him.

    LaFell is probably appropriate for a high second round receiver at this point, but I'm a bit concerned about his ability to separate at the next level. I'd also like to get more out of our second round pick than "a solid #2" WR. If that's how you view him, maybe there's someone else who can more than a solid secondary player at another position.

    I would be surprised to say the least if a three-year sophomore declared for the NFL draft, so that's all I'll really say on Reynolds. He probably has more to gain by staying in school and honing his craft than leaving way too early.

    Cunningham has an arrest in his past, so he may not fit the Four Pillars. It doesn't sound as if he's had a particularly strong senior season so far, and it doesn't help that the last couple DE's to come out of that program haven't amounted to much so far.

    If the Rams want a blocking tight end, they can resign Bajema. If they pursue a young rookie tight end, I'd rather it be someone who may be able to make some plays for them offensively, as that's what they need.

    The fact that Rolle is spending the 2009 year away from football may hurt his stock, but it sounds like he has a strong plan in place to be ready for the offseason workouts and tests. If he shows up in any kind of football shape, I doubt he's available here.

    I'm not so sure we need depth at linebacker with Vobora, Grant, Chamberlain, etc. If anything, we may need a new starter @ SLB. But if the Rams can turn another 7th round pick into some solid depth, that won't be anything to sneeze at I guess.

    McManis is probably fine for a seventh rounder. He's made some plays, so maybe you hope he can crack into the dime defense or challenge for a depth spot.

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    Re: B Dub's 2010 mock draft

    If Tebow is there in round two, we better pick him up.

    First round should go to an immediate weapon. I like Cody right now. We are a defensive minded team, just keep upgrading that squad.

    Take Tebow in round two. Snag the best guard in round three.

    Take a wide receiver in round four.

    The rest, I don't care.

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