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    B-Dub's post senior bowl Mock


    -for this mock the draft will take place before Free Agency
    - With that in mind I think AJ Green and Julio Jones will go to the Bengals and Browns. I just dont see Jones falling out the top 10 if he runs a really good 40.
    -re-sign/ tender: Mark Clayton, Ken Darby, John Grecco, Renaldo Foster, David Vabora

    Round 1 Pick 14: Corey Liuget DT, Illinois
    Analysis: With Jones already taken we can focus on our Defensive line with our 1st round pick. Liuget only had 5 sacks this season but he is a guy that gets penetration.He is quick enough to beat smaller lineman and strong enough to push bigger lineman back in the running game. Great intangibles definition of a 4-pillar player. He only chose to play at Illinois because of the coaching staff think about how his game can be with spags as his coach.

    Round 2 Pick 47: Leonard Hankerson WR, Miami
    Alternative Pick: Greg Little WR, UNC
    Analysis: The reason i have an alternative pick is because Hankerson had a great senior bowl week and might have made himself a late 1st rounder he just needs to continue to impress. Both of these receivers possess size that McDaniels looks for and both have the intangibles to pass spags 4 pillar test. None of them are the blazer type with big play ability thou. However if you look at our receiving core we have Avery, Clayton, and Alexander that can stretch the field when healthy so we need some good 3rd down options for Bradford.

    Round 3 Pick 78: Tyler Sash, SS Iowa
    Analysis: I don't understand at all why this guy is being projected as a mid round pick. The guy is a good zone defender he will get interceptions. And he is big enough (6-1 210lbs) to cover TEs in the deep middle and he can also put a big hit on the ball carriers. He is also decent at playing up on the line in the run game

    Round 4 Pick 111: Ross Homan, LB Ohio State
    Analysis: He is a bit small for spags system but otherwise he is a perfect OLB for spags. He is a good tackler will make open field tackles. Is a good gap blitzer. And has some range in zone D. This is someone who can provide depth for us and potential starter if he can add bulk.

    Round 5 Pick ? : Lee Ziemba, OG Auburn
    Analysis: Its so hard to grade out which prospect is a reach or value at this point when it comes to the later rounds. I have ziemba here as a guard. With the spread offense we need a pass protecting lineman that can get leverage for s-jax.

    Free Agency:

    Plaxico Burress WR, Prison
    Analysis: I think we will keep 6 receivers. So we sign burress to a Mike Vick type deal with no garenteed money if he does not make the team out of pre-season. Burress, Laurant Robinson, Brandon Gibson, and Danario Alexander fight for the last 2 WR spots on the roster.

    Allan Faneca OG, Cardinals
    Analysis: there is no connection with any of our coaches but Josh Mcdaniels did not have a connection either. I think this year we may fill up some needs without our coaching staff knowing the person. Sorry guys i did not find a early round starter at guard in the draft but faneca can be a 1 year stop gap.

    Mathis Kiwanuka DL, Giants
    Analysis: We give him a 3 year deal but make sure most of the money earned are in the final 2 years so if he keeps getting injured we can cut him before 2012. Basically an incentive laden deal. He can start for us with James hall being the 3rd down DE because when Hall's legs are fresh he can get to the QB. Also we can always rotate him in for Robbins and put Selvie on the outside for non 3rd down situations.

    Julius Jones RB, Seahawks/ Saints
    Analysis: Jones proved he does not have the durability to be a starter. Lets see how he does backing up Jackson. Jones can break some impact runs and like Jackson he is patient in waiting for his blocks to develop. Also Jones can catch the football and is good on screen passes. He can contribute a couple impact plays every week and in case Jackson cannot go Jones and Darby can split the load.

    Ending notes:
    -The receiving core has an extremely high ceiling but the the players must stay healthy and perform (more easier said than done)
    -As of this mock the projected starting OLBs are David Vabora and Larry Grant. As long as they can tackle understand there assignments our D can be a force (who started alongside Pierce on the giants SB team?)
    -For some reason i still think we need a back-up QB i dont know why thou.

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    Re: B-Dub's post senior bowl Mock

    Some general comments...

    Draft: I like Liuget, and DL is an area that could be a first round option for the Rams. Seems a bit early to me, but who knows what happens between now and April. Hankerson is a good value pick in the second. Nice fall-back option if Jones isn't there in the first. I think the concern with Sash is that, while he displayed good zone coverage skills in college, he might be asked to play more man to man against tight ends or 'backs in the NFL, and that's not a particularly strong point. Still, he's a talented, instinctual player who is worth considering in the third round. Homan makes me a little nervous in terms of size and ability to get through traffic. His ceiling is probably an adequate starting WILL linebacker. This comparison might be way off, but I keep thinking about a poor man's Pisa Tinoisamoa. I dunno. Ziemba is a good mid round pick if he's still on the board.

    Free Agency: Not a huge Burress fan. He's been out of football for two years and turns 34 in August. I guess there isn't much harm in bringing him in on a safe contract that would allow the Rams to cut him without penalty before the season if he doesn't work out, but I'd rather be more aggressive for a WR in free agency if we're going to go that route. I don't see much value in bringing in Faneca. He's not playing very good football and will be considering retirement. We should be finding younger answers, not older ones. I do, however, like Kiwanuka as a free agent signing who is familiar with Spags and can probably be part of a rotation at DE before potentially taking over for Hall. Jones is a modest back-up, not going to be very flashy but probably represents a slight upgrade over what the Rams have now.

    Overall, I think it's a pretty solid offseason. I don't agree with all of the moves, but you have targeted some of the Rams' key need areas and have made some moves to try and solidify them.

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