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    B-Dub's Rams Mock Draft 2.0 post combine (Brand new 1st round pick)

    After the combine many prospects drat stock has change. I have a brand new 1st round pick that I have not seen in any other rams mocks.

    Round 1: Justin Houstin DE/OLB 6-3 270 4.68 (40 time)

    Analysis: Before the combine he was 258 pounds and considered a 3-4 OLB however he really bulked up and weighed 270 at the combine. With his size and his athleticism he can play RE in a 4-3 base defense. He can bull rush effectively while also having the ability to speed rush off the edge. However the main reason I picked him is versatility! He has experience dropping in zone coverage so on 3rd and long we can play him at SLB and James hall as the pass rushing RE and with spags LB blitz we can create an overload on the QB's blind side with Long on the opposite side of the overload.

    Round 2: Jonathan Baldwin Pitt WR 6-4 228 4.50 (40 time)

    Analysis: DIVA? maybe not. He expressed his displeasure about his QB and coach via text to a scouting site. However the more I read about this kid the more it made me realize his strive for excellence. He wants to be the best possession receiver he complained about running a go route to frequently. That is understandable considering his strength and ball skills; we can utilize those skills over the deep middle of the field as well as. But most importantly he catches the ball with his hands away from his body; Sam Bradford throws it hard a guy with Baldwin’s hands is a huge asset.

    Round 3: Robert Sands West Virginia FS 6-4 217 4.57 (40 time)

    Analysis: Tall well-rounded four-pillar safety. This is Atogwe’s replacement at FS. He does a solid job at covering. But he can tackle and tackle hard. Something spags looks for in the secondary is size and ability to tackle and Sands has both. He will fit well in our Defense.

    Round 4: Ross Homan Ohio State OLB 6-1 240 4.68 (40 time)

    Analysis: Before the combing Homan was considered an undersized LB. However after weighing in at 240 pounds makes him an average WLB. He also finished with the most bench press reps. His combine weigh-in and performance really improved his draft stock and this would be a good value pick. He has all the potential to become a good WLB. He is above average at everything we need in an OLB. Sideline to sideline speed, good wrap-up reliable tackler, locates ball quickly, good instincts in zone coverage.

    Round 5: Terrell McClain South Florida DT 6-1 304

    Analysis: Good motor. Pass rush skills raw but he can push the line back, which is so important in Spags scheme. I like him as depth for the Rams DL.

    Round 6: Alex Linnekohl Oregon State OG 6-1 303

    Analysis: He needs to hit the weight room and generate power vs. bull rush and bigger DTs. But he is verry solid with his technique and can develop into a solid starter.

    Round 7: Brandon Saine Ohio State RB 6-1 219

    Analysis: Ohio state games are normally always nationally televised and I watched this kid play plenty of time. He has speed and is a huge asset in the passing game. I believe he can even line up in the slot. He can be a really nice 3rd down back. He needs to work on patience and using his blocks better thou. But a major asset for the passing game.

    Rookies vs. Rams Depth:

    Houstin will be a 1st and 2nd down RE and likely move back to SLB on 3rd down passing situations…Clayton and Avery will battle for a starting job while Gibson, Alexander, Baldwin will battle for the starting job on the other side with amendola in the slot… Sands will be in a “battle” for the FS spot with someone the rams pick up in FA but it is his spot to lose…Homan will have to prove he is better than Grant and chamberlain, I don’t see homan becoming the immediate starter but with time and hard work he will become a quality starter… McClain will have to battle for a roster spot vs. the DTs that we have it wont be easy unless Cliff Ryan calls it a career with his frequent migraines…As long as Linnekohl shows the work ethic to build muscle and show he can handle the occasional bull rush he can provide quality depth for the Rams…As long as Saine stays healthy through camp he, Darby, and Jackson will be out 3 RBs and Saine can be used as receiver out of the backfield on 3rd down situations while darby can be used as a blocker on 3rd down.

    Draft Stock notes:

    Many might say the Houstin pick is a reach but I find it hard to believe that after his the numbers he put up at the combine weigh-in and his athleticism that he will drop to the late 1st…baldwin is a 2nd rounder…Sands has 2nd round talent but there are not many teams with a huge hole at safety and there are 2 safeties that will go before him…Homan’s stock should be shooting up after his combine bench and position drills I am not certain he will last to the middle fourth anymore but if he does great value…McClain and Linnekohl are where they should be…Saine is a 7th rounder as long as he shows above average position drills (shows he can change directions) and has a solid 40 at his pro day.
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