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    Banta-Cain and Porter

    If Haslett wants to install a 3-4 Defense into our playbook how good would it be if we signed Banta-Cain and Joey Porter? And draft a NT or sign Robaire SmitH?

    OLB Porter
    ILB Witherspoon
    ILB Tinoisamoa
    OLB Banta Cain
    DE Little
    DT Robaire Smith
    DE Adeyanju/Hall

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    Re: Banta-Cain and Porter

    I'm pretty sure Robaire Smith would be an end instead of a nose tackle. Also, if we wanted to go 3-4, we wouldn't need to sign two outside linebackers as Little would likely have to stand up in that scheme rather than be a down lineman. Tinoisamoa is an odd man out in that scheme though, as Chillar would be the other ILB if we did that.

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    BIG GAME 81 Guest

    Re: Banta-Cain and Porter

    If they are thinking this way, I'd love to see them bring in Joey Porter. I think they could still play Pisa inside kinda like San Diego did with Donnie Edwards (a smaller linbacker). Then we can load up with D-Lin in the Draft.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Banta-Cain and Porter

    holy moly kid, do you just lay in bed and dream this crap up or what, WOW, then we should have traded for dre bly, and nate clemens, and traded for champ bailey, and how about if we got this guy and put him here and that guy and put him there, and they threw my legs over there and they threw my arms over there, oh please help me tin man, the wicked witch took dorathy, and toto too. just be real will you, then all us old guy's won't always laugh at you and GENERAL COUNSEL won't always be threatening your life kid.


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