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Rambos you are right, we aren't Costco shoppers when you mention those deals. I was reacting more to the comments concerning Barksdale. We are going to have to pay someone to play RT, so it may as well be someone who plays it well and if he's worth the money we shouldn't be scared what it will cost. That was my frame of reference.

My reference to Long was more in terms of injury. He is a very talented and not that old. His injury history the past few years hasn't been terrific, plus we have to add depth, as you indicated. I'm not saying we need to draft an OT in the 1st round, but we'll need to draft one in the early round-mid rounds. I'm having a hard time seeing us pass on Greg Robinson because I think he's a physical freak and has enormous upside. I am fully aware of Jason Smith and Alex Barron having those upside qualities attached to them.

Go Rams!
except isn't greg robinson actually good at something (run blocking), hasn't played as long, and isn't super terrible at pass blocking?