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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Barron is soft ESPN Radio

    On ESPN radio an NFL analyst said that there was some disinformation going on with Alex Barron being rated so high. He said at least 5 teams wanted to trade up to get Jammal Brown and none of those teams had an interest in Barron.

    Brown's Physical play and aggressive nature led teams to rate a Right Tackle higher than any left tackle in the draft.

    Saints took the initiative and moved up to get Brown. The Ravens and the Panthers were two of the teams also trying to trade up to get Brown.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Barron is soft ESPN Radio

    Let it be known I posted this approx 90 mins before the Rams selected him.

    Word on him is that he is very passive. Kiper said it's Boom or Bust. He's either going to change and step up or be a bust.

    I think the Rams FO targeted Jammal Brown all along.

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    Scidog68 Guest

    Re: Barron is soft ESPN Radio

    Of course they probably did, but does that mean they abandon their need at that position? Best player available at a position of need. Barron will be great at RT.
    If Barron's stock started to fall, why did it wait til today to start? What previously unknown info about him suddenly came into play? I'm not bagging on you or your statement, just asking questions that maybe can't be answered.


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