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    Beastly Offseason 5.0

    FA- Its gotta happen sometime

    Dawan Landry, S, Ravens- The Rams want to get more physical at safety. Landry is good in coverage has great size for safety can cover and lay the wood. The versatility spags likes and he is 2 years younger than OJ

    Rocky McCintosh, WLB, Redskins
    - WLB with sideline to sideline range. Can hit and cover and would be a great partner to Lauranatis in our LB core

    Fabian Washington, CB, Ravens- One of the many FA raven CBs. Would play the nickel here. Has the size and the athleticism for Spags system.

    1. Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri- I would love to have Julio Jones, but I am less confident he will be here. Smith's upside is off the chart and could excel in Spags system where DE's dominate. He is an explosive pass rusher with long arms and a great first step. He would start of as the 3rd DE and would be a great duo with Long in the future.

    2. Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pitt- I see Smith and Hankerson going before him in the second round. I like Baldwins size and big pay ability in Mcdaniels System. He also has good hands decent speed, but needs to work on his routes. He doesn't have great character, but the Rams have built up solid veteran and young leadership that would keep him in check

    3. Will Rackley, OG, Lehigh- Dominated competition playing for a small school. I like his upside. Both McDaniels guards in Denver were tackles in college that were to short to play tackle in the NFL like racley. He has the raw ability to come in and play immediately, but will be a much better player in a couple years

    4. Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky- The Rams seem to be targeting a speedy change of pace back. Locke has plenty of speed, is a great receiver, and more importantly a home run threat. He would be a great compliment to S-Jax

    5. Terelle McClain, DT, South Florida- Penetrating UT who can hold his own against the run. Injects some youth into the Rams D-line

    7. Ryan Jones, CB, Northwest Missouri State- An in state product one of the best if not the best CB in D2. Has nice size and speed combo and could develop into a really solid player. Would play special teams initially and compete with Marquis Johnson for the 5th corner job

    7. Alex Green, RB, Hawaii- Big back 6'0 220 can run inside, catch the ball, and pass protect perfect for McDaniels system. McDaniels usually carries 4 RBs and 0 FBs so if he can play special teams he has a good chance of making the roster

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    Re: Beastly Offseason 5.0

    I am not in love with it but this is a very possible / realistic mock offseason that without question would make our team better. Good job.

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    Re: Beastly Offseason 5.0

    good job, i like it assuming jones is gone (which we both think)

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