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Thread: Beast's Mock Draft 3/16

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    Beast's Mock Draft 3/16

    1. Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Joeckel, T
    - I have a big problem with this pick. I'm not mocking trades in this mock draft, but if I could I'd have KC moving down. With that being said, I really, really don't want to give them Luke Joeckel. At this time it's really a crapstorm on which tackle they select. I could see them selecting any of the three. I actually think Lane Johnson would be an Andy Reid type of pick but it's simply too early for me to make that judgement. For now Joeckel will go to the Chiefs.
    2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Sheldon Richardson, DT
    - This is a guy that hasn't been hyped up very much, but I suspect he will be a more common selection in the top 5 by the time the draft gets a little closer. He is having a private meeting with the Browns and according to Richardson himself, he says that the Chiefs, Jaguars, and Raiders have all shown lots of interest and attention. With that information and his recent 4.81 40 yard dash, I cannot see Richardson falling out of the top 5-6. Jacksonville's most overlooked need is a DT. They got slaughtered by the run last year, and one of the best ways they can turn their team around is by getting a franchise player to anchor the line.

    3. Oakland Raiders: Sharrif Floyd, DT

    - On the other hand, here is the guy that is probably receiving the most hype at the current moment. He has impressive size and athleticism, and I think the rest of you that have had him to the Raiders at 3 for awhile now are right. I can already picture him in silver & black. I am getting a strong feeling that the Raiders could also go for Geno Smith after his combine performance which is receiving a lot of hype. As of right now I think Geno Smith will go in the top 3 probably because of a trade; I can see ARI trading up in the top 3 but again I am not mocking trades.
    4. Philadelphia Eagles: Dion Jordan, DE/OLB
    - Dion Jordan was coached by Chip Kelly in college. He really showed his athleticism off in the combine, and I can see Kelly spending his 1st pick on a player he is familiar with and knows he can utilize properly at the NFL level.
    5. Detroit Lions: Dee Milliner, CB
    - Of all the picks so far, this is the one I'm most confident about. I've had Milliner to the Lions for months now. They have a dire need in the secondary, and with more reports flowing in about their love for Milliner I have essentially locked this pick in for them. Milliner boosted his stock at the combine and looks like he will be a sure-shot 5-10 pick.
    6. Cleveland Browns: Barkevious Mingo, OLB
    - I am impressed on the tape I've seen from Mingo. He looks fluid and fast on the ball. He's the 2nd-3rd best OLB in this draft behind Jarvis Jones, and is around the same ballpark as possibly the most underrated player in the draft -- Arthur Brown. What makes him more intriguing than Brown is his size and recognition. I'm sure Lombardi will have Mingo high on his draft board come April.
    7. Arizona Cardinals: Geno Smith, QB
    - Bruce Arians is an air-it-out type of coach. When Geno Smith falls to 7, the Cardinals are put in a predicament; do they draft Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson, or Geno Smith? They could easily draft any of the three and have made a good selection, but Arians wants a quarterback that can consistently throw the ball down field into larry Fitzgerald's hands. Kevin Kolb isn't reliable enough and is an average quarterback. When he went down, the Cardinals quickly followed. The Cardinals are not as bad a team as their record indicate. With a functionable quarterback for the first time in years in Arizona, they should be able to start competeting again.
    8. Buffalo Bills: Cordarelle Patterson, WR
    - I can see the Buffalo Bills trading up for Geno Smith. If they don't trade up, he's not lasting this long. Anyhow, they need another receiver. I think their head coach realizes how much wide receivers impact a quarterbacks performance after coaching the mediocre Ryan Nassib in Syracuse. They'll have to settle for a QB in RD2.
    9. New York Jets: Matt Barkley, QB
    - Rex Ryan is going to hypnotized by Matt Barkley's good looks and great charistmatic ability, looking past what Barkley actually does on the field. All jokes aside, Barkley has been getting a lot of negative attention lately, but he's still a 1st round prospect. Say hello to another QB from USC.
    10. Tennesee Titans: Desmond Trufant, CB
    - This pick was taken directly from I believe their writer there explains this selection best. It makes perfect sense to me. Besides, he ran a 4.38 40 yard dash. I know I'm throwing out a lot of combine statistics here, but they really do affect draft stock.
    11. San Diego Chargers: Eric Fisher, T
    - Eric Fisher is a great pick here and SD really lucks out due to the fact that the Cards grab Geno Smith. Eric Fisher has the potential to go #1 overall.
    12. Miami Dolphins: Jarvis Jones, OLB
    - The Dolphins are going to get a WR in free agency. If they don't, then it's really anyones guess where they go. Jones is my #1 player in this draft so I will mock him to the Dolphins here. I could care less that the Dolphins got Ellerbe. If Jones pans out, then this is an absolute steal.
    13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Xavier Rhodes, CB
    - This pick will change fast if the Buccaneers trade for Revis. If they don't trade for Revis though, it's almost certain that the Bucs go CB in RD 1.
    14. Carolina Panthers: Star Lotulelei, DT
    - Anyone surprised? I am fairly certain the Panthers will take a DT, but Star Lotulelei will be the only one of value left at this point. And it's not necessarily a bad thing, since Star could easily be the best DT out of the bunch, but health concerns have dropped him significantly.
    15. New Orleans Saints: Ezekiel Ansah, DE
    - The Saints need DL help and this guy has the physical tools to be succesful in their scheme. He's a perfect fit the for Saints defense IMO.
    16. St. Louis Rams: Lane Johnson, T
    - Somehow Johnson falls to the Rams here. He is super-athletic and looks very good on tape. Tackle is an obvious need for the Rams, so they fill the huge need with an opportunistic selection. Oh yeah, he and Sam Bradford have a lot in common.. They went to the same college.
    17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kenny Vaccaro, S
    - I feel like the Steelers need to reinforce their secondary. I heard there were a lot of injuries there last year but I have to consider the fact that their safeties aren't overly impressive. I am not big on Kenny Vaccaro but he seems to be a hard-nosed Steeler type of player. The Steeler defense isn't what it used to be, but drafting Vaccaro can possibly help refuel the once-dominant defense. I also consider with deep-threats in their division like Torrey Smith, A.J. Green, and now possibly Josh Gordon, that the Steelers would probably like to have a very good to elite safety to help stop those athletically gifted receievers. I believe that if Pittsburgh wants to get back to the top of the division, they need to draft a safety early.
    18. Dallas Cowboys: Johnathan Cooper, G
    - This won't surprise me at all. Dallas is more of a passing team than a running team, and Cooper can do both. Warmack fits more of a smashmouth offense. Anyhow, Cooper had a very impressive combine and can easily be taken this high and before Warmack.
    19. New York Giants: Chance Warmack, G
    - NYG is estatic to get the Big Mac here. He's going to open massive holes for Wilson to run through.
    20. Chicago Bears: DJ Fluker, T
    - I finally found a way to get Fluker in the 1st round, and it came naturally. This guy is going to maul whoever is in front of him and will be one of the best run-blocking tackles in the league, perfect for Forte.
    21. Cincinnati Bengals: Manti Te'O, ILB
    - The Bengals will draft the most well-known player in the draft, for mainly wrong reasons. They could, and probably should go RB here, but then again, CIN has to deal with Trent Richardson, Ray Rice, and possibly another bruiser soon.
    22. St. Louis Rams: DeAndre Hopkins, WR
    - I know the Rams are drafting a WR in the 1st round. I'm simply mocking the one to the Rams I like best. This is my mancrush of the draft behind Jones.
    23. Minnesota Vikings: Tavon Austin, WR
    - The Vikings have a good shot at drafting a WR. Percy Harvin is unhappy and they need to bring in another receiver before he leaves. This will also stop giving Ponder excuses. I ponder whether he will still suck next season.
    24. Indianapolis Colts: Bjoern Werner, DE
    - The German Warrior is what I'd like to call him. He is ranked in the top 5 as of right now. What a steal. I can't fit him any higher in the draft though.
    25. Minnesota Vikings: Damontre Moore, DE
    - Wow, talk about a quick way to drop your draft stock. The Vikings are getting old in the trenches. Moore's tape is nice, but his workouts have dropped him quite a bit. It's a risky pick, but it will pay off if he produces like he did in T&M.
    26. Green Bay Packers: Keenan Allen, WR
    - Greg Jennings is gone and is now with the division rival Vikings. The Packers don't really need a WR this early, but Allen is good value here.
    27. Houston Texans: Quinton Patton, WR
    - Patton is vastly underrated. Currently ranked 41st on CBS Sports, Patton could very easily be a 1st round selection. The Texans are a well-rounded team and could go anywhere with this pick though... Even quarterback.
    28. Denver Broncos: Eddie Lacy, RB
    - This is the last key piece that Denver needs to get to the superbowl. Lacy will carry the load.
    29. New England Patriots: Johnthan Banks, CB
    - I've been hearing rumors that the Patriots are very interested in him. With nothing else to go off of, this is what the Patriots will settle for with their 1st pick.
    30. Atlanta Falcons: Cornellius Carradine, DE
    - Tank, so they call him. Atlanta would be happy to find their replacement to Abraham here. As of right now it looks like they're going to fill their RB need through FA, and they just re-signed one of their safeties. We will see what happens.
    [img]*****b_logo.gif[/img]31. San Francisco: Alex Okafor, DE
    - The key to the continuance San Francisco's success is to continue to add talent on defense. When Justin Smith went down, SF was not nearly as effective on defense. While it is likely Okafor will be a bench-warmer for a majority of the season, he would be the future of the team.
    32. Baltimore Ravens: Arthur Brown, OLB
    - I really, really like Arthur Brown. The Ravens aging defense needs a fast player. The Ravens have been DESTROYED in free agency, and especially at linebacker. At this point, I would be surprised if they got out of the 1st round without one.
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    Re: Beast's Mock Draft 3/16

    I had written this before FA but then there were some text I forgot to update, going to fix that now.

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    Re: Beast's Mock Draft 3/16

    Not bad, i like our pics. im going to be very sad if we dont get Hopkins on draft day. But as long as we get help ill be fine.

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    Re: Beast's Mock Draft 3/16

    Thanks Tampa, and me too.

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    Re: Beast's Mock Draft 3/16

    Thanks for sharing your mock! It's always fun to see how others expect the draft to go.

    A couple of comments...

    I don't see Richardson as a Top Three pick; I think his ceiling at this point is Tennessee @ 10.

    I love the Jordan to the Eagles pick, which probably means it won't happen. But I like these picks where former college coaches take their successful players.

    Milliner is a great fit for Detroit.

    After signing Kruger and Groves to a group that already included Sheard, is OLB still that big of a need for Cleveland? If the Browns share your view about Jarvis Jones, maybe his value is too good to pass up. I'm not sure Mingo's is.

    I would love to see the reaction of Jets fans in attendance if Barkley is the pick. Cue the DVR.

    Fisher lasting to San Diego's pick would be a dream scenario for them. Same for Lotulelei to Carolina, if his medical checks out.

    You could say you could not care less that Miami signed Ellerbe, but that doesn't make it less of a factor in their plans. The Dolphins are paying Wheeler $13 million guaranteed and Ellerbe $14 million guaranteed. They're not spending that money to take them off the field in passing situatinos, so I don't think Jones makes much sense.

    I like your logic about the Rhodes to Tampa pick.

    I think Ansah goes before 15 personally, but we'll see. To me, he - rather than Richardson - is the guy who could sneak into the Top Three.

    I don't know what to think of Johnson, but based on conventional wisdom, he's a great value if he's there @ 16. Still, I worry that he's more potential than polish. I prefer the latter, but don't begrudge those who like the former.

    The run of OL from 18-20 all seem appropriate if they're available. Great fits for all those teams.

    I'm not crazy about the value of Hopkins @ 22, but I don't anticipate him being on the board when the Rams pick in the second round. So if you like him, that's probably where you have to take him.

    I think the Colts and Vikings are getting some solid value there on two guys who at one time were Top 5 projections in this class. I would almost switch them though based on schematic fit; to me, Moore fits better as a 3-4 OLB whereas Werner would make a nice 4-3 end in Minnesota.

    Interesting pick for Denver. I like it! Load up that offense for Peyton and let him do work.

    I like Carradine for the Falcons. They're getting a guy who, had he been healthy, could have been a Top 10-15 pick. They could certainly use the talent at that position.

    I like the Arthur Brown pick for the Ravens. Do you see him lining up on the outside opposite Terrell Suggs, or at inside 'backer in the void created by Lewis retiring?

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    Re: Beast's Mock Draft 3/16

    This would be an Ideal scenario for the rams at 16 having our pick of either Fluker, Warmack, Vacarro, lane Johnson, cooper Id be happy with any of those guys

    Still not sold with Hopkins over Keenan Allen

    But I love the Jets pick the QB circus in new york was funny with Tebow in 2012 just imagine the Sanchez, Barkley circus in 2013 should be funny

    Also I think the panthers come out with the steal of the draft at 14 like we did a couple years ago with Quinn at 14

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    Re: Beast's Mock Draft 3/16

    Lane Johnson worries me a bit for some reason. I would prefer a Warmack or Fluker if available.

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    Re: Beast's Mock Draft 3/16

    I'd rather trade down for Hopkins instead of reaching for him at 22nd, I just don't think he's a good value there. Besides that, pretty good mock

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