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    Bernie: Barring a trade down, Jason Smith is the favorite

    From his Post Dispatch forum...

    Big J. Smith will be a Ram.

    I can't say 100 percent ... but I am pretty certain.

    I'm just providing all of the info that I am getting as I check on things with the key people.

    I just shot down this crazy-azzz Mark Sanchez-on-a-plane stuff that's put so many of you into convulsions.

    Again: Jason Smith.


    No doubt their preference is to trade down...and I should have reiterated that.

    but if they stay Smith is the prohibitive favorite at this point.


    I edited out some sentences that were directed at individual posters and did not contain any news. But that's the gist of it.

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    Re: Bernie: Barring a trade down, Jason Smith is the favorite

    If true No Curry but J. Smith will improve the OL. We really cant lose but I really think Curry could have been the best person for this team. I think he can motivate others and lead more then J. Smith. I also think he will become more likely to be a perenial Probowl caliber player where I doubt J. Smith will be. Anyway I trust the FO and if this is their belief then I am all for it. He will definently improve our OL. I hope I am proven wrong through out this year.

    OT - J. Smith (addition)
    OG - Bell /Greco /Schuening
    C - Brown (addition)
    OG - Incognito /Setterstrom
    OT - Barron / Goldberg

    QB - Bulger
    RB - Jackson
    FB - Karney (addtion)
    TE - McMichael (additon- out with injury last year)
    WR - Avery
    WR - Laurent (addition- was a starter at one point)

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