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    Bernie notes

    POSTER: sounds like there may be some indecision in
    the Ram War Room.

    BERNIE: I think they wanna be bailed out by Atlanta
    moving up...

    But that phone call hasn't come.


    POSTER: As we all know, the Rams front office has been
    dysfunctional, to say the least. This was where Billy
    Devaney was supposed to come in, take control, and
    clean up this mess.

    So what has happened? We have a team divided over who
    to pick, and apparently now we are leaning towards

    BERNIE: My theory is this: they leaked Dorsey to try
    to draw interest in a trade-up for him, then dangled
    Long late in the week as the one they're leaning to as
    a way to see if they can get a nibble there.

    That's solid business. I suppose it's worth a try, but
    to this hour no one is trying to move up into the 2

    And the Rams would like to move down.


    POSTER: Chris Long is a great player,
    white/black/purple.....last name Long or Smith...he is
    the kind of guy you build a defense around.

    BERNIE: I officially advise you to be cautiously
    optimistic. But don't get cocky! Still a chance of
    getting burned.


    POSTER: I won't get into the BPA vs Need scenario, but
    if Dorsey is ranked #1 on the board, after all the
    hours invested in scouting, why would you deviate from
    your board at #2? Sounds like that would be wasting
    the efforts of a lot of people.

    BERNIE: I'm a Dorsey guy. My hunch? They're more
    concerned about his potential physical issues than
    they publicly acknowledge. I think they're a little
    nervous about the medical stuff.

    Nothing is set, but a slight lean to Long.


    POSTER: what a pathetic irony if will be if Dorsey
    goes on to be the special tackle many believe,
    combined with the Rams history of missing on 1st round

    BERNIE: They want to move down. That is their No. 1
    wish for tomorrow. But not move down too far. They
    were hoping to entice ATL (Dorsey) or KC (Long).

    btw -- Shaw isn't calling any shots on this one. This
    is Billy the Bulldog's draft.


    Will Carroll studies and reports on sports injuries for Baseball Prospectus and Football Outsiders. Will has excellent contacts in the sports medical community (team trainers and doctors).

    And this is what he wrote about Dorsey on the Football Outsiders web site:

    Glenn Dorsey (DT, Louisiana St.): Football is often described as a “guts” game. That’s what it’s going to take to draft Dorsey in the top of the NFL draft. Yes, he’s a talented player who can dominate the line of scrimmage, but he also has extensive back and leg issues that often take him completely out of a game. He might have a case against Tommy Tuberville after a chop block cost him much of the 2007 season. All his knee and back problems can be traced back to this questionable play. Well, at 6-feet-2, 316 pounds, some of those back problems might have some other causes. One NFL medical staffer says that Dorsey’s not going to be an every-down guy, needing some breaks, but that his quickness remained intact. Despite the injury concerns, and several scouts comparing him to Booger McFarland, Dorsey is expected to go early in the first round, though his inability to play in a 3-4 may slide him down if he doesn’t go in the top five.


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    Re: Bernie notes

    I don't want dorsey...

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    Re: Bernie notes

    what a pathetic irony if will be if Dorsey
    goes on to be the special tackle many believe,
    combined with the Rams history of missing on 1st round
    Sounds like he wants Dorsey, heck Ryan maybe the next pro bowl QB, should we take him? No we have that postion covered.

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