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    Best part of the Combine for me

    The 2nd pick now has value in my opinion. Going in to the combine I did not see much of a difference between the 1st and say the 8th pick except for the money the Rams need to pay. The impressive performances of A.Curry and J.Smith give the Rams the ability to come out of the draft with a true top player and opens up LEGIT possibilities to trade down.

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    Re: Best part of the Combine for me

    I don't know about the ability to trade down, but I know that there are three top players who we will have a choice of at least two of(Monroe being the third. I trust game tape more than his one issue at the combine, his lifting).

    Whether it's a top OT or a playmaker LB, I think we'll get a good guy.

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    Re: Best part of the Combine for me

    I agree that Monroe is a very close third, and I'm also not concerned with his bench. I think Smith's interviews are where I gave him the edge. All reports I've read said he was a very impressive young man, which is so important with all the money involved. The only trade down is if a team falls in love with Curry.

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